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Disaster Focus Photo August 31, 2005

On The Sidelines of the Sidelines

In the face of the horrendous tragedy in New Orleans, the news images carry with them a countless number of fateful themes.  Beginning with the weekend evacuation, one unstated subtext running through much of the reporting involved the disparate prospects between rich and poor.  In many accounts, for example,...

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Uncategorized Photo August 30, 2005

Wingnut Watch: Cindy the Political Football

I posted an analysis two weeks ago at The Agonist anticipating how the right-wing would attack Cindy Sheehan as a media phenomenon.  I’m not sure why they took so long, but the offensive is finally in full swing.  Little Green Footballs (via juxtaposed two images on Sunday showing...

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Bush Focus Photo August 29, 2005

Bush In Crawford: Calling It Curtains

Often, a news image will lead the wire because it captures some underlying truth about the political moment at hand. This shot is incredibly robust in terms of symbolism.  The photo — from yesterday — shows George Bush in full “damage control” mode entering a press briefing to reframe...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 26, 2005

Iraq: The Game

If you missed it, this cover story in the NYT Mag a week ago was surprisingly informative for coverage of America’s war in Iraq. It outlines in disturbing detail how soldiers of fortune — oh sorry, I mean "private military companies" — oops, I meant "private security companies" or...

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Uncategorized Photo August 25, 2005

Signature Issue

(click on image for larger version) In the vacuum surrounding John Roberts, BAGreader Carolly called out this image to me and added comments.  (The photo depicts a reporter’s hand examining written samples of John Roberts’ work as an attorney in the Reagan Administration.) Rich, warm, antique coloring… reassuring?  But...

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International Focus Photo August 24, 2005

U Turn

At first I thought they looked Amish. As I get over my moratorium on writing about Israel, I thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts on this Economist cover.  This edition was actually published in advance of the settlement evacuations — so it preceded  all the drama-...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 23, 2005

Your Turn: Facing Fallujah

Is this the new face of occupation? After seeing one picture like this, I kept finding more and more variations of  it.  Most of these shots are coming from Fallujah, where the U.S. military is using retina scan technology to try and keep this ghost-city in lock-down.  Because they...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 22, 2005

War Without Edit

If you’re faint of heart, I don’t recommend these images to you.  But I commend Salon for running this article, "The Unseen War," along with the devastating photo gallery.  As someone who is regularly featuring war images, I’m continuously uneasy that I’m mostly showing the "more consumable" content.  Am...

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Faith Focus Photo August 21, 2005

New Head Of The Vatican

BAGreader Carolly contributed these comments regarding World Youth Day: A few days back, we discussed the sidewalk drawings to memorialize Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and there was an image of someone walking across the middle, uncaring.  Here is another top-down view of a scene with interesting contrasts: When I first saw the...

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No Fear From The Fuelhardy

Give the NYT Mag a free car wash for trying.  Today’s lead article (The Breaking Point – link) discusses various factors and scenarios that could lead to a dramatic oil shortfall.  Following the theme, the cover illustration asks the reader to imagine the sudden possibility of not enough oil...

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Uncategorized Photo August 19, 2005

Girls of the Constitution

Given that the deadline for a new Iraqi constitution expired almost a week ago, I was again looking at posters showing support for the document. What I found — which I didn’t notice before — is that most of the images on the newswires feature young women or girls. ...

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Bush Focus Photo

When George Met Cindy

The wingnuts are convinced Cindy Sheehan would be out-of-business if they could only get their hands on the full-sized versions of these photos.  Apparently, they were taken during Bush and Cindy’s original meeting, including the one showing Bush giving Cindy a peck. (Here’s a blown-up view of the deed-in-question...

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International Focus Photo August 18, 2005

The Twist in Egypt

If certain news images appear to double as editorials, the typical example usually manages to include just enough ambiguity to lay claim to innocence.  This shot seems right on that line. Because I got such a late jump on the attenuated Iranian campaign, I thought I’d try and get...

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International Focus Photo August 17, 2005

The Same Boat

(Note: This entry was mostly re-written about 8 hours after it was posted.  I apologize to readers who left comments referring to either my previous reflections, or to images that were replaced.) For all of you who have written me about Gaza, I have an admission to make.  Since...

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Media Focus Photo

Dead Men Are People Too

I thought the “big two” news mag covers this week reached a new level of debasement (or ‘da basement?).  One featured a well known talking head (and a brilliant example of necro-porn considering he is practically still warm).  The other also opted for the personality route, and astonishingly managed...

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Photo August 16, 2005

Typical Ups And Downs In Bush World

When researchers go back and analyze journalistic trends in the late ’90’s and early 00’s, hopefully they will take note of a key satirical weapon that was made to disappear. Newspapers and websites run political cartoons, and they run political illustrations, but they hardly ever run editorial illustrations anymore. ...

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Uncategorized Photo August 14, 2005

Held At Pen Point

As the deadline for a new Iraqi constitution expires today, I was looking at posters showing support for the effort.  Although reading in to a picture is always a subjective matter, my first glance at this image left me somewhat startled.  Before I realized I was looking at a...

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Bush Focus Photo

Finding The Love In Crawford

  How is it that one person can virtually starve the camera while another can practically nurture it?  If you read the Drudge Report, you’ll notice the site is scrupulously partisan in its selection of photos.  (See my post at The Agonist last Friday regarding Drudge Report’s Cindy Sheehan...

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