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Photo January 31, 2006

Why The Long Face

Look familiar? For what it's worth, Monday night's Senate vote on the Alito nomination seemed to actually hold some meaning for the Democrats.  With the loss a foregone conclusion (41 votes were required to mount a filibuster), 24 Dems still voted to to extend debate, including several (such as Feinstein...

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Faith Focus Photo January 30, 2006

And Who Saves The Missionaries?

The long lead article in this weekend's NYT Mag (The Call - link) follows one family, The Maples, who have been living in Northern Kenya working as missionaries.  Jackie Nickerson's cover photo, of Rick Maples with a member of the Samburu tribe, is simply stunning.  Aside from the moral...

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Uncategorized Photo January 27, 2006

Your Turn: "Bit" Players

I don't know about you but it felt to me like last week was about a month long. I won't even begin to rehash it....  Like last weekend, I'm stepping back for the next two days and leaving the readership in charge.  Given the visual ordnance I've managed to...

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Your Turn: Meet The Press

Of all the political portraits I've looked at, there is one collection I keep going back to.  It is a series called Changing The Face of Power: Women in the U.S. Senate by photojournalist Melina Mara.

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A Nuke Is A Nuke Is A Nuke

stoking fear with pix of building,1,5801937.story Iran's Nuclear Stance Poses Quandary for U.N. Bringing Tehra Iran & the Bomb 1: How Close Is Iran?  guest post by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis of Image of a nuke plant not same as where actually do the work...

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International Focus Photo January 26, 2006

Hoods Off To The Victors?

To see how the associations resonate back and forth, consider this web citation to a story announcing this morning's victory announcement: Hamas Without Veils CBS News - 1 hour, 46 minutes ago Hamas?...  I see crowds of Hamas youth with headbands; I see clusters (and in some instances, oceans)...

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Bush Focus Photo

Maximum Occupancy

I assumed this strategy was necessarily dependent on a daily build of political events beginning with Rove's speech last Saturday (or actually, Cheney's NSA briefing to Senator's last Friday) culminating with Bush's dog-and-pony show at NSA headquarters today....  As evidence, check this astute post by Dan Kennedy at Media...

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Media Focus Photo January 25, 2006

CBS Scares

Oh, you mean CBS Cares....  The question is, are we looking at an oversight (although you would think these guys are more visually acute than this).  Or, is this really a cheap (not so) subliminal maneuver to scare up more site traffic?  (Strangely, there is not a whit of...

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Just As Happy To Get Ugly

What happened to the White House PR strategy on Tuesday?  Given the Administration's week long media offensive over NSA spying, how did these students come to upstage Attorney General Alberto Gonzales? Or, did they?

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Bush Focus Photo January 24, 2006

A New Political Sphere

Regardless which parties wins (if an outright victory is even to be had), the sense "in the air" is that this election has already imposed a new calculus on the old form of Palestinian politics.

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Bush Focus Photo

Sister Laura

When somewhere in the world there is a girl at risk, where would we be without soldiers of the Lord? Maybe it's the stereotype that this continent is populated mostly by the simple or backward.  Maybe it's the notion that, in the face of great need, all help is altruistic. ...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 23, 2006

The Don Of A New Iraq

In the "family," he's referred to as the "capo di tutti capi." This image, accompanying the NYT Week In Review snapshot of Iraq's mother of all elections (Iraq Is in a Race Against Time as Congress Grows Restless - link ) is a telling depiction of the current power arrangement. Introduced...

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Uncategorized Photo January 20, 2006

Your Turn: And Today's Lesson Is Brought To You By The Letter Tha

I've been holding on to two images that I find quite evocative.  This one is a portrait of Uncle Hazim, who I guess I would describe as the Hamas answer to "Mr. Rogers." Hazim Sharawi has been a big hit with the kids on the radio, and now -- with...

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Your Turn: Bush On The Green

Here is the other pic I'm leaving you with this weekend.  It was taken on Thursday at JK Moving and Storage in Sterling, Virginia and featured on the White House website.  I don't often do this, but I went through the entire transcript of Bush's remarks at this event...

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Officer of the Piece

(click image for the better view) This is the image that accompanied a grim story in Thursday's NYT titled Police Recruits Among Massacre Victims Found in Iraq.  According to the article, 25 bodies, some with police ID, we found in the desert east of Baghdad.  The men were reportedly...

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Uncategorized Photo January 18, 2006

De Feet of Inquiry

parka to Holoucast museum Seems only through intimidation that we are being limited access to Cheney's health status.  Clearly hasn't quite recovered from surgery had on his knees....  (Show image with him with cane) Find alternate shot for the BAG....  US Vice President Dick Cheney, seen here in Cairo.

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John Roberts Finally Lands

One thing about jamming stealth Supreme Court nominees through the approval system is that reality becomes suspend until the moment they finally go on record....  Like you would hear the "straight-A" eagle scout kid next door had been arrested for armed robbery, there was "Baby Face Roberts" in the...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 17, 2006

If Looks Could Kill

LAT Abu Aardvark Zawahiri.

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