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Disaster Focus Photo April 29, 2006

Flight 93 Crashes In … New York?

The BAG, on the other hand, has been particularly attentive to World Trade Center imagery, whether for political or commercial use.  I accept that the director and the majority of those who developed this film brought to it the highest ideals and best of intentions....  From the trailer and,...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo April 27, 2006

Staging A War

As soon as I saw the first image (a NYT photo from "Lohengrin," the production currently playing at the Metropolitan Opera), it reminded me of the second. The second image  -- which has been all over cyberspace -- was shot in the holy city of Mashhad and distributed by Mehr,...

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Spin Focus Photo

Big, Big Snow

I don't blame Michelle for posting this shot of the new White House Press Secretary on Tuesday.  Because Tony Snow's appointment was still a rumor at that point, Malkin disclosed straight away that the image came from the right-wing photoshop factory.  I think the image says a few things...

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Uncategorized Photo April 26, 2006

What, No Apple Pie?

Am I overthinking this? Today, Michelle Malkin posted this image on her website followed by the simple phrase:  "Does this image bring back memories?"  She then noted how, thirty years to the day, outfielder Rick Monday secured his place in baseball history by snatched away this flag "in order to...

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Bush Focus Photo April 25, 2006

Bush's Rainbow

A number of you wrote about this lead photo in yesterday's NYT.  The image shows George Bush in a marine lunch line in Twenty-Nine Palms, California.  Because Bush is chumming it up with the white soldier, while the (lone) black soldier next to Bush seems miles away (and less interested...

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Photo April 24, 2006

Your Turn: Activist Background

I'm not the biggest Bush fan....  Now, does anybody think -- even for a second -- that I couldn't post the cover to Neil Young's "impeachment" album?  That said, the visual -- like everything else that shows up here -- suggests some interesting interpretation.  On this one, though, The...

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Super-Sizing The Reflecting Pool

You can boil down yesterday's lead NYT Week In Review article to one question: how important is fear in mobilizing concern for global warming?  (Of course, images provide much of the raw material behind this debate.) I didn't appreciate it before, but the April 3rd TIME cover (with the polar...

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Bush Focus Photo April 21, 2006

In Which We Can Safely Conclude That "Smug" Is Finally Dead

This was the speech where Bush dedicated most of his time time belaboring some irrelevant personal interest stories from Tal Afar while completely ignoring the fact the rest of the country was coming unglued.  Picking the one image I thought best characterized the event, my write-up for Huffington Post...

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Media Focus Photo

In The Center

Actually showing their pictures Two Ex - Generals Come to Rumsfeld's Defense not link gened.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo April 20, 2006

Your Turn: Camelflage

It's just one simple article, but this plaintive story about a group of U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan seems to reveal the true futility of whatever it was Bush/Rumsfeld originally had in mind....  It's the accompanying article that about the stymied efforts of an American , expresses in a...

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Media Focus Photo April 19, 2006

Why Do I Know Your Name?

Tight shot - Reuters Sami Salim Hamad, a militant from Islamic Jihad, poses with a weapon during his last testimony in this image taken from video footage made available on April 17, 2006.

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Eco Watch Photo April 18, 2006

There Will Be No Snows

Honestly, I was hard pressed to identify "better" or "worse" images from the trailer for "An Inconvenient Truth."...  With the Katrina disaster fresh in mind, the hyper-spinning hurricane on the thermal weather tracker is pretty nerve wracking, as are the pinned back palm trees and the slamming, crashing wave...

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The Lei Away Plan

As the Telegraph points out (link), lesbian and gay families on Monday encountered probably the most disarming enforcers the White House has ever employed. If you were following Easter's edition of the culture wars, you might have heard how gay families from across the country had been planning to claim...

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Uncategorized Photo April 16, 2006

Sign For A Head

If it's Easter, it must mean ... Christian fundamentalism!. (... That is, if you're the NYT Week In Review.) Sunday's Times section carried not one, but two articles on the evangelical movement.  There was a political piece on the front page (Looking to Win in November, With a 2-Year Old...

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BAGannouncements Photo April 15, 2006

Then More Good Things Happened

This was roughly the image, drawn with a Sharpee, that suddenly appeared one December day on the side of a middle school lunch bag.  The original point was simply to get the kids interested in the news, and civics.  ...And, somewhere over the next 1,000 BAGs or so, it...

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Post 9/11: Are We There Yet?

Immediately following 9/11, there was actual fear that irony was dead. In the following weeks, a wisdom emerged that it would take years before a perspective of the event could be acquired -- especially through creative interpretation. Has the point finally arrived where "enough time has passed?" If Bruce Eric Kaplan's illustration can be...

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Media Focus Photo April 13, 2006

Your Turn: Trusting The Times With Child Care

At first, I thought it was just me. When I showed this picture around, however, everyone was concerned by it.  Besides having plenty to say about the girl in the foreground, people were full of speculation about the scene overall. This image accompanied a brief "The Way We Live Now" piece...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo April 12, 2006

Another Read On "The Man"

This shot -- featuring U.S. general H.R. McMaster -- has a random, if underhanded, visual twist to it.  As elaborated in last week's in-depth New Yorker article by George Packer on U.S. military strategy in Iraq, General McMaster employs an approach to counterinsurgency which pays significant respect to Iraqi...

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