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Media Focus Photo August 9, 2006

Political Maps

Earlier this week, the AP began distributing this "before" and "after" photo of bomb damage in Beirut. It's one thing to consider the assymetrical nature of wafare, or the wrenching destruction of infrastructure and human lives.  My focus here, however, is to consider the framing of "bombing data" by the...

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Campaign '06 Photo

Your Turn: Parting Shots

(Actual size!)  If there's an image to remember the Ct.  primary by, this is it.  The metaphorical implications are endless.

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Hospitals And Ambulances

The photo of the Israeli soldier taking video inside the hospital, and this still frame (from a video taken by Kevin Sites) of the Lebanese Red Cross worker taking the now well-known photo of the vehicle's roof, illustrates just how "automatic" and integral visual documentation is to this war.

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Campaign '06 Photo August 7, 2006

Kiss Of Death

There is an iconographic significance to this image that extends beyond the Lieberman - Lamont race....  As Digby points, the Democratic campaign mavens -- in this case, emanuael and shumer -- are looking for just the right button to push In looking for their own memes to do the...

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Media Focus Photo

Where There's Smoke, There's … Smoke?

The shot above is Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj's original photo of an Israeli air strike, taken two days ago.  The one below is the photoshopped version that got him canned yesterday.  By almost all accounts, Mr. Hajj was caught trying -- in the most amateur sort of way --...

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Photo August 6, 2006

Opposing Windows : Missing Targets

You can't have a war -- especially these days -- without a propaganda war. Given the strong and opposite sympathies surrounding the current Middle East conflict, The BAG aims to offer a series of posts divided in pairs.  My purpose is less to analyze than to mirror two radically divergent...

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Media Focus Photo August 4, 2006

Your Turn: 200 Pounds Of Attitude

How do you read this image, featuring this portrayal of a black women in this current Universal Studios ad?

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Campaign '06 Photo

Sambo Joe And The Visual Blogosphere

If you missed the brouhaha, Jane Hamsher of firedoglake briefly became a subject of controversy in the Connecticut senatorial primary yesterday morning.  Having spent the last two weeks traveling with the Lamont campaign while blasting at Lieberman on her blog, Hamsher led off her most recent campaign update at...

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Media Focus Photo August 3, 2006

Typical Patterns

I'm sorry, but Bush himself showing up yesterday morning to shut down the White House press room?  (And the star-struck reporters -- wowed by the former Press Secretaries -- falling all over themselves?)  It was like 2003 all over again.

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Media Focus Photo August 2, 2006

Jews On The Beach

Israel approved the expansion of its ground offensive in Lebanon, dashing hopes of an early end to the three-week old conflict despite a renewed international push for a ceasefire(AFP/White House/Eric Draper) ------- Iranian women dressed as suicide bombers hold pictures of Lebanese Hizbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah during a...

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