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Photo September 30, 2006

Your Turn: By The Book

How much can the power of this image be attributed to the Chavez personality?...  How much is this photo as much about the power of books?  Just in the last week, BAG posts have involved Musharraf refusing to back up a charge against Bush because he has a book...

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Culture Focus Photo September 29, 2006

With Deep Apologies To Susan Sontag

Many of you emailed me about Newsweek ditching the "Losing Afghanistan" cover on this week's American edition.  Most also directed me to the incriminating screen shot from Newsweek's site juxtaposing the cover image for three continents with the one for the U.S. As to the Afghan downgrade specifically, I have...

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Photo September 28, 2006

Last Line Of Defense

If a fish stinks from the head, what's stopping the press secretary from blind recitation as well?

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Bush Focus Photo September 27, 2006

'06 Race In Single Digits

I came down too hard on Bill Clinton yesterday. His public thrashing of FOX and Chris Wallace on Sunday has proven quite effective.  And I'm not say that because of the invigoration of the netroots.  It's because of how the blow to an already off-balance White House shows up in...

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Photo September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton: Sleeping Giant

I'm was as gratified as anybody to see Clinton stand up to Fox, Chris Wallace, ABC, the neocons, the whole cabal.  The only problem is, where has he been all this time, and where is he going to be tomorrow, and the next day?

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Campaign '06 Photo

The Task At Hand

On first pass, an image like this is a total send up.  With the pasted on smile, the background reminiscent of cheap wood panelling, and the gargantuan hand, it plays like a paean to the used-car salesman.  Still, it's a portrait, and could likely have been Mehlman's idea.  In...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo September 24, 2006

POW! (Not.)

While American men and women are spilling real blood in Iraq and Afghanistan, the GWOT has devolved into a clown show.  For combined idiocy and duplicity, this week was a classic.  The setting was Pervez Musharraf's visit to Washington.

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Campaign '06 Photo September 23, 2006

Yo, Whacko!

(click for the whole sorry size) I may not be a big Pelosi fan, but this caption -- running on YahooNews -- is pure bullshit....  I mean, could you imagine a Hastert pic showing up tomorrow with this chicken scratch: The US Congress will retain its radical makeup if...

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Photo September 22, 2006

A Work In Progress

I think that if people have a hard time accepting the logic and fact, they should not actually accuse others....  Of course it's darkened you and made you younger, AA. Because the title (a completely insane, Administration-pandering throwback to 2002, treating another war as a matter-of-fact) not only refers...

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Media Focus Photo September 20, 2006

All The Equivalence That Fits To Print

They desperately need to make that pip-squeek leader equal to Bush so that Bush can be seen "standing up to him" and smiting him.

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Campaign '06 Photo September 19, 2006

More On The Foot Race In Virginia

On Sunday's debate, and the under-the-table dynamics of Allen - Webb, I've offered some behavioral footwork for Allen.

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Media & Culture Photo September 18, 2006

Fashion Of The Times

Courtesy of this livejournal community, we have access to the fashion spread from September's Vogue Italia.  One person who wrote me described the images as evoking rape fantasies and, conversely, the expression of female power.  Well, I think that misses the point.  What we have here is a very...

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Campaign '06 Photo September 17, 2006

Gut Check

The holes?  They represents the gut of an American soldier killed in Iraq through the supposed negligence of Senator George Allen.

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Bush Focus Photo

Losing It?

Up to now, I've felt that Bush had the psychological strength to contain the anger and arrogance that underlies much of his behavior.  Observing his press conference in the Rose Garden on Friday however, I'm not so sure anymore.  Bush pulled off the Presidency perfectly well when things were...

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Photo September 16, 2006

(D – Texas)

Although not that familiar, and not at all flamboyant, I was drawn to this image of Ann Richards on yesterday's newswire.  The gun, the dog, the hunting jacket, the expanse of land -- it's a vernacular that has become synonymous with the "Texification" of American politics.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo September 15, 2006

It's The War, Cupid!

Don't worry.  I have no interest in Condi's private life -- and, more importantly, no desire to get lost in the distraction.  However, there are some interesting political dynamics that arise from this picture, and the romance rumors flying around regarding Rice and Canada's Foreign Minister Peter MacKay.

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Photo September 13, 2006


I'd like to, again, tap Wooster Collective as a reference.  Last week, they hosted the latest contribution from guerilla artist, Banksy.  If you're not familiar with Banksy's work, it's well worth your time.

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Disaster Focus Photo September 11, 2006

Your Turn: Grasping The Ephemeral

Marc, one of two originators of woostercollective, featured this photo as part of his recollection of 9/11.  Along with the image, he describes how the attacks served as the genesis for this unique and invaluable site.  Now five years old, woostercollective is as intrinsic to the practice of street...

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