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BAGannouncements Photo February 28, 2007

Our Turn: Making Our Own Media

I'm asking your help to bring more independent political photojournalism to BAGnewsNotes and the blogosphere.

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Campaign '08 Photo February 27, 2007

Your Turn: Ball Room Conversation

I was interested in your take on this photo.  It accompanied a recent NYT story titled:  "In Iowa, the Living Room Has Fallen Out of Favor."  The gist of the piece is that candidates, for the first time, have abandoned the more intimate form of early primary campaigning.

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Campaign '08 Photo February 26, 2007

Oscar As Metaphor

How perfect.  Just three days before the awards show, and TIME plays the hype to imagine Hillary as Bette Davis, the "great but aging actress" in All About Eve, and Obama as the (female) ingenue looking to take her down.

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Bush Focus Photo February 24, 2007

Close To You

This shot foreshadows George Bush's frequent attempts to associate himself with George Washington.  Given a similar White House photo taken just two months ago, it also reflects Bush's interest in associating himself with key Iraq Shiite leader, Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakim.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Couple Questions

Would we be seeing this image, however, if Maureen Dowd hadn't set off a Geffen - Clinton flame war, while accusingly referring to Hillary's campaign as "Clinton Inc.?"

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Campaign '08 Photo February 23, 2007

While Dems See Red, McCain Banks Green

PR-wise, McCain started things rolling a week ago at the Capitol Hill G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue.  In that instance, the Senator made the newswires alongside climate mega-benefactor, Richard Branson.

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Media Focus Photo February 21, 2007

Helen's Second Row Seat

So Helen Thomas is getting the push.  But it's not just her peers who are pushing.  It's this alternately patronizing, then dismissive piece at

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Dick The Lesser

There's an interesting photo on the White House website today.  It's a single shot of Dick Cheney disembarking Air Force Two in Japan....  Instead, he comes off looking like, well, a typical Vice President.  Is it just arbitrary that Cheney seems so small, or so isolated?

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 20, 2007

Well, Well, Well… What Might This Be About?

What was really fantastica was yesterday's miracle announcement that, suddenly, based on new data, the Sunni's are as rich in oil as the Kurd's and the Shiite's!  (Really, what an amazing coindence -- just as the U.S. is jumping through hula hoops trying to get the Iraqi's to pass...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 18, 2007

Just Beneath The Surface

After a four month investigation without permission, WAPO offers an inside look at outpatient conditions at Walter Reed hospital.  What we see in the article and slide show is alarming, if not surprising.

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Summit

With all the violence marking the Fatah-Hamas power struggle, there's no telling if the alliance will work.  Still, this group shot is striking, reflective of far greater Mid-East solidarity -- if only, just pretend -- than Bush, Rove and Condi could even begin to work up.

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Media Focus Photo February 17, 2007

Osama bin Times? Or, bin TIME?

Considering this visual treatment at the hands of desperate-to-rise and suddenly morally unregulated MSM blogs, however, it seems having a father from Kenya (born on almost the same continent as bin Laden, right?) and a middle name remininscent of one of America's formerly favorite dictators, is just too irresistible...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 16, 2007

Driving The Surge

Personally, it grows increasing harder to survey the Iraq pictures without overwhelmingly suffering the political context.  On one hand, you how you've got the hopes of the participants, the bond between the soldiers and journalists, and the authority of the U.S. military pulling for a prettier view.  On the...

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Photo February 15, 2007

Link Collage #2: Defining Lines

The "collage" is a round-up of recent political visuals The BAG couldn't let go by.

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Campaign '08 Photo February 14, 2007

The Blackish Man In America

he might as well be white" You can't bring up anything other than that suddenly he's African-American.  If you start to, you know, delve around the edges, say, "Wait a minute, isn't he mixed race?...  Can I even say that without somebody else starting a campaign saying, 'What...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 13, 2007


FAIR article: Won't Get Fooled Again?  NYT, networks offer scant skepticism on Iran claims Latest cover of Economist....  Because of the way metaphors work, most people look at this picture and think "stealth."...  Reinforces the idea of going along, not making too much noise.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 12, 2007

Fool Me Twice, Shame On (…Where Do I Start?)

U.S. makes case that Iran arms flow into Iraq - Los Angeles Times Iraq: Failing To Disarm -- Description of Video-only File of UN Inspectors Discovering Warheads Secretary of State Addresses the U.N. Security Council warhead image - Iraq U.N. inspectors 2003 bbc LAT Slide Show: Iranian "evidence":...

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Culture Focus Photo February 11, 2007

Your Turn: Rites Of Passage

Nina Berman's photo of Iraq veteran Ty Ziegel and his wife, Renee Kline, won a first prize in the portraits category in the 2007 World Press photo awards announced Friday.

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