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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 31, 2007

BAG Past, Present And Future: An Old Half-Baked Idea That Might Finally Have Arrived

I offer you this "original" that appeared back in August of '04.

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Wingnuts Looking The Part — For A Change

This Administration has consistently avoided judgement by defying expected norms of reaction and standard emotional cause-and-effect.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 30, 2007

More September Wallpaper: Ducks In A Row

the decision reached among Iraq's factional leaders to rescend a  ban on former Baath party members was far less than meets the eye. The agreement -- restoring military and civil service privileges -- was not only the least significant issue dividing the warring factions, but even this agreement remains...

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Disaster Focus Photo August 29, 2007

Katrina At Two

Regarding the catch of the copter, it's a clever way of cutting a PR mission off at the trail, this "pre-photo op" photo embodying the true orientation of Bush and the government to the reality on the ground, which stands out, to this day, as distant and peripheral....  In...

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Campaign '08 Photo August 28, 2007

Candidate Abuse

Did you happen to notice Sunday's front page NYT piece, "In 2008 Race, Little Ones Go on the Trail With Daddy" ? After the read, the pictures and the video, the one thing I can say for certain now is: this campaign is way too long to do anybody...

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Scandal Focus Photo August 27, 2007

Gonzales: What Goes Around Comes Around

Typically, the crashing-and-burning of any part of the Bush Administration is foreshadowed from the beginning. In honor of today's resignation of the AG, let's flip back the picture album thirty months to The BAG's visual confirmation hearing coverage of February 2, 2005.  The post was originally titled: "The Two...

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Katrina And The National Media: Absence Of A Soul

As we head into this week's Katrina commeration-a-thon, I'm thinking about how the national press has had such a hard time dealing with Hurricane Katrina's ongoing humanitarian disaster.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 25, 2007

Are You My Mommy?

What's with the outbreak of photos of injured and abandoned Iraqi children?

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Iraq Status Follies

What these newswire pics express is what a farcical exercise the supposed Iraq war re-authorization showdown has become.

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Uncategorized Photo August 24, 2007

Alive Day. Cut!

(If you're not familiar with the term, "alive day" is the day -- sort of like your birthday -- you were almost blown to bits in Iraq, but through the miracle of medical technology, your life was saved ... if minus some of your body parts.

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Uncategorized Photo August 21, 2007

Political Revisionism Getting Out Of Hand

Be warned, this is not last week's Economist cover.  It is The BAG's recommendation, however, for how it as exaggeratedly might have looked.  Simple as it is to claim America is being led (off the path) toward the left (see my analysis of the actual cover at Huffington), isn't...

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Hold Your Horses

This is not about Dick Cheney.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 20, 2007

The Dean Treatment

I continue to be fascinated how the traditional media plays Edwards for a pin cushion.  No other candidate seems such a target for cosmetic analysis, motivational inconsistencies and now, (pejorative) emotional temperature readings.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 19, 2007

September's Wallpaper

With the Administration's "show progress" deadline fast approaching, Sunday's NYT offered not one, but two high-profile stories pitching improvement propaganda.

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Alan Chin Photo August 18, 2007

Renaissance From The Inside I am particularly struggling with this issue thinking about this issue new role as a visual analyst for American Photo.  --�Where is�21_0707NO0631.jpg located?� I guess there is a day care facility at the park?� What distinguishes this shot in your mind?...  this photo shows the baby room of...

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Alan Chin Photo August 16, 2007

Renaissance Clash

--- from the internet: Pardon Denied Again Robert Pete Williams was serving a lifetime sentence in Angola prison, Louisiana, where he and a number of fellow prisoners-bluesmen were recorded on a number of sessions in the late Fifties and early Sixties; this song is from 1960....  Robert Pete sings...

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Alan Chin Photo

Renaissance Village From The Outside

(Link: index.html ) i know both shaila dewan and lee celano who did that story, and i think they did a pretty good job.  the bottom line for anyone who visits Renaissance Village is that, unless you've really got your own agenda, you will leave with this same...

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Bush Focus Photo August 15, 2007

More Karl Post Mortem: Beyond My Pet Goat

Although I had seen this photo before, the fact it is appears in the NYT "Goodbye Karl" slideshow caused me to take a closer "visual forensic" look.  The photo, as you can tell from the clock and the TV screen, was taken at 9:25 am on the morning of...

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