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January 27, 2008

SOT (incredibly shrinking) U


It’s the cover visual of a 7,500 word article about a worldwide political and economic movement toward interdependence — a bus the U.S. forgot to get on.

It’s striking for the fact the U.S. is pictured in complete isolation, in a sea of darkness.

Also following the article, those massive and powerful fingers would likely represent Europe and China, reaching around from “two ends of the great Eurasian land mass” to apply the squeeze.

Above all, however, its a fitting illustration to offer up the day before Bush’s last SOTU.

image from: Waving Goodbye to Hegemony (NYT Mag cover story)

Bush Would Never ‘Cease To Be Bold,’ But Now ‘Will Skip Bold Proposals’ In State Of The Union Speech (Think Progress)

(photo illustration:  Kevin Van Aelst.  January 27, 2008.  NYT Mag cover.

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