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Campaign '08 Photo May 31, 2008

DNC Rules Committee Showdown: Picturing The End

Let's see.  What words came to mind describing the behavior of Harold Ickes today during the DNC Rules Committee meeting?  Vituperative?  Pernicious? Mercenary?  His foul-mouthed rant preceding the committee's Michigan vote wasn't just embarrassing, but a vicious attack on his fellow committee members and the democratic process.

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Media Focus Photo May 30, 2008

Your Turn: Stereotypes From The White Corporate Media – Part 2

More questions about race and the latest Newsweek.  On Tuesday, I had my say about the lead image to the cover story, a pair of black hands on the presidential seal illustrating a presumptuous letter to Obama on how to frame race in the general election.  Part two --...

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Campaign '08 Photo May 29, 2008

Hillary's Rushmore

My hope, in anticipation of Saturday's crucial DNC rules committee meeting, is that Hillary approached this Mt. Rushmore photo with more irony than presumption.

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Bush Focus Photo

McClellan's Cover

I have a few points and a few questions about the cover of Scott McClelland's Bush attack tome.

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Campaign '08 Photo May 28, 2008

New Hope On The Uniter/Divider Front?

What is significant about this otherwise "elementary" photo-op is the way Obama -- in contrast to Bush/McCain -- continues to model a fundamentally different attitude and approach to hate, to conflict, to "the other."

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Photo May 27, 2008

The Latest Thoroughly Relevant Post From The BAG Archives – #2. (Or, Scotty's Revenge)

With news that long-time aide and Press Secretary Scott McClellan has used his memoir to rip Bush a new one, this photo now makes complete sense.

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Race Focus Photo

Stereotypes From The White Corporate Media: The Black Man Gets His Hands On The Presidency

Watch out when the author himself warns of stereotyping when the traditional media discusses race.  That's how Evan Thomas begins Newsweek's "open letter" to Barack Obama over how to handle that issue in the general election.

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Campaign '08 Photo May 26, 2008


Sure, sure.  I understand Memorial Day means an overflowing hopper-full of dueling photo ops with multiple generations of America's finest.  That doesn't make me any less nauseous to see these emotionally manipulative newswire shots of McCain, however.

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Militarism Focus Photo May 25, 2008

Arlington West

The Los Angeles chapter of Veterans for Peace is just one of at least twenty groups around the country that has adopted the Arlington West concept.  Every Sunday since February 15th, 2004, the group has erected one cross for each soldier killed in Iraq near the Santa Monica pier.

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Campaign '08 Photo May 24, 2008

Your Turn: Politics With A Personal Touch

So, what do you make of this front page trypich in this AM's NYT.  I'm not just thinking about the content, but also the order/sequencing.  (Not to draw too much attention to this one fact, by the way, but look at the prominence given to the secret service coverage...

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Campaign '08 Photo

Killing The Electricity

Hillary's reference to Kennedy's assassination as a justification for her staying in the race is not just based on the fact that Kennedy fell so late in the political calendar.  As the youthful radiance of this portrait suggests, Clinton sees Obama more as a phenomenon, one that could...

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Campaign '08 Photo May 23, 2008

Teddy, Hillary, Rummy And Puppy

Of the photos from Ted Kennedy's historic life and prodigious career, I found this one the most politically interesting.  (And then, how often do you have something this good to read at every corner?)

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Campaign '08 Photo May 21, 2008

The First Post-American President?

What's your vote for the key element in the pic?  Is it the flag pin -- BHO's newest fashion accessory and inoculation against swipes at his patriotism?  Well, I would contend it's the copy of Fareed Zakaria's new book, The Post-American World.

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Originals Photo May 20, 2008

Primary Reflection From Harrisburg

I wanted to draw your attention to this very fine photograph by Larry Fink from a political photo gallery at VF.  Fink shot this in Harrisburg while documenting last month's Clinton effort in the Pennsylvania primary.  For myself, the photo speaks to the powerful bond between Hillary and the...

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Campaign '08 Photo May 19, 2008

The Unique Terms Of That Last Hurdle

This shot of Obama clearing a hurdle at the University of Oregon is a fitting analogy for the campaign.

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Alan Chin Photo

From Beichuan

For the past two months, BNN contributer Alan Chin has been in China.  He just forwarded this link to a tragic series of images he shot for Newsweek in Beichuan and Dujiangyan.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Your Turn: Rock 'n Roll

I'm a bit on the move today.  I'll be back in the afternoon with a closer look at Obamamania (or I'll join you in the thread).  In the meantime, feel free.

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Bush Focus Photo May 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Yesterday, I had the chance to say hello to Christopher Morris at the VII Seminar in NYC.  (I'm hoping to do a couple of posts on the NY Photo Festival, as soon as I work off my sleep debt.)  In particular, I'm interested in this Morris shot TIME used...

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