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Originals Photo May 5, 2008

Before The Heartbreak

I was completely struck by this image of RFK in VF's new article and slide show, The Heartbreak Campaign.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo May 4, 2008

Blowing Up The Surge

Perhaps the signature impression of the Iraq occupation -- When it's all said and done (sometime within the next hundred years), the signature impression of the Iraq occupation could very well be the car carcas.  At this point, however, what could possibly distinguish one more crippled hulk from another?

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BagNewsSalon: "Pictures in the News": Spring ’08

This Sunday at 7pm EST, BNN presents another 90-minute edition of the BAGnewsSALON. As previous, we will be discussing key images that have graced The BAG over the past two weeks.  (If not for the length, we were going to call it:  "'The Miley; Sadr City; Jeremiah Wright Meets LBJ;...

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Campaign '08 Photo May 3, 2008

McCain, Middle East Oil, And, Uh, What's Up With That Pipe?

My friends, I thought the latest cover of "ARMY" was interesting even before McCain suggested we went to war over oil.

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Campaign '08 Photo

Who Do You Think You're Fueling?

What was sleazy about this Clinton "fill 'er up" photo op, featuring recruited sheet metal worker Jason Wilfing, was not his function as a prop.  It's that the truck wasn't even Wilfings.

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Culture Focus Photo May 2, 2008

(VF + Miley) x Annie = Kaching Kaching

Why I find this shot interesting is not because it echoes the specific image that tainted Hannah Montana, or even because of the social manipulation and political misdirection referred to above. It's because it captures Annie Leibovitz in the act of serving up one more cultural molotov cocktail.

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