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Bush Focus Photo June 30, 2008

Your Turn: "W" Stoned

Bypassing the option of releasing an actual still, we see this morphing of reality and fiction, with "W," the diminished bad boy, in the amused hands of the physically and creatively imposing Oliver Stone.

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Originals Photo June 28, 2008

War Is Personal

This photo was taken by Eugene Richards as part of a series he is developing with The Nation Institute.  Sgt. José Pequeño suffered a devastating brain injury from a grenade that was thrown into his Humvee in Iraq.

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Campaign '08 Photo June 27, 2008

Picture Of Unity

Given the thoroughness of Team Obama, I can't help wondering how much yesterday's color scheme in Unity was inspired by  some careful location scouting.

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Campaign '08 Photo June 26, 2008

Portrait Update

A great example of how the European press remains free to see Mac for the volatile character he is.

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Media Focus Photo

How Delicate Is Unity

The question is, how does one account for the different visual treatment (and tonally different headlines) in the same Clinton/Obama unity story this morning in the print and electronic NYT?

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Culture Focus Photo June 25, 2008

Your Turn: Juneteenth

Earlier this week, a reader directed me to a Juneteenth celebration slideshow on the Austin Herald-American website.  She had been particularly transfixed by this image which the editors ran on the front page three columns wide below the fold.

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Campaign '08 Photo

"Locating" Those Head Scarves

When I saw the second reference to the Obama/headscarf story in The Times last Thursday ("Obama’s Campaign Tightens Control of Image and Access") after The Caucus had it Wednesday, it made me want to play photo editor.

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Campaign '08 Photo June 23, 2008

Barack Obama, Master Manipulator

Although he professes it won't do any good, Steve Kornacki of the NY Observer takes his turn propagating the emerging wingnut meme of Obama as master manipulator.

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Bush Focus Photo June 22, 2008

(Way) After The Flood

Short of re-donning a flight suit and posing looking back at the USS Abraham Lincoln, I couldn't imagine another shot more evocative of Bush 43's other monumental failure.

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Scandal Focus Photo June 21, 2008

Family Affair

I've heard from several people about NY Mag's sly use of this photo.  It accompanied Friday's snark on the Daily Intel blog about the ex-Governor's upcoming family vacation to Southeast Asia.

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Originals Photo June 19, 2008

Your Turn: "Leia's Daddy"

As the original caption tells us, all Sgt. Ryan John Baum wanted to do was come home and put his daughter, Leia, on his chest.  Born 11 days after his death in Iraq on May 18, 2007, the placement of the baby photo during visitation speaks to that wish.

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Media Focus Photo June 18, 2008

Watching Carville And Matalin Weep

I spent a good part of the day yesterday wondering what it was that makes this Meet The Press handout almost unbearable for me to look at.  (It shows James Carville and wife Mary Matalin breaking down during the taping of last Sunday's program memorializing Tim Russert.)

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Campaign '08 Photo June 17, 2008

More From Obama Lover, Michael Powell

Seeming to formalize a problem where there isn't one, today's NYT piece on Michelle Obama (penned, yes, by "Obama lover," Michael Powell) frames Michelle -- because, I assume, she's been adding staff and is about to host "The View" -- as being embattled and in need of a relaunch.

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Campaign '08 Photo June 16, 2008

The Larger Picture Of The Father's Day Speech

There is no other way to read this than Obama taking to the pulpit.

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Campaign '08 Photo June 15, 2008

Elevating Carly (Or, Trying To)

The McCain campaign's promotion of former HP CEO Carly Fiorina as not just the female face of the Mac express and V.P. candidate poster girl, but most recently and hilariously, inheritor of Hillary love, makes me think about this shot that was floating around about six weeks ago.

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(NPR) Over Bush

In an NPR radio report from London last night, reporter Don Ganye, traveling with 43, echoed the same point he's been offering for several days.  In Dubya's last tour on the continent, the non-story is that Europeans are so over Bush that couldn't be bothered to come out and...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 14, 2008

The Fix Is In

With the Iraqis working hard to resist a long-term U.S. occupation agreement, this week's Economist cover executes the latest version of "Mission Accomplished," reframing a potential American repudiation as the result of a country that -- through a new and profound capacity for self-healing -- might somehow, all-of-a sudden,...

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