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Business Focus Photo March 13, 2009

Slaughtering The Peacock

I'm glad James Burrows actually likened Jon Stewart to Edward R. Murrow last night because all I could think of, while watching Jon Stewart pluck out Jim Cramer's feathers in bunches, was "Frost - Nixon," "Frost Nixon."

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Your Turn: Off To The Joint

Bernie's new digs, a A 7 1/2-by-8 foot cell.

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BNN On The Radio

I'm dong a weekly blog radio show. The 10- minute segment at the top of the show is called "Pictures of the Week."

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Campaign '08 Photo March 11, 2009

Palin's Place (Revisited)

Bristol and Levi Johnston have broken up? You're kidding! This award-winning photo by photographer Melina Mara takes us back to Campaign '08's biggest snow job.

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Media Focus Photo

The "Fifty Day" Snapshot

Fifty days in to this new Administration, I see the photo as particularly relevant -- especially in light of the clawing Howard Fineman delivered to Obama in yesterday's Newsweek.

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BAGannouncements Photo March 10, 2009

The BAG Tweets

Are you one of the 2,200 or so enjoying BNN via newsreader but not following The BAG on Twitter? It's mostly visual politics with only a slight overlap with the daily goodness (or snark) on the blog. Sign up here.

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The Steele Watch: No Business Like Show Business

What a great send-up of "stage act" Michael Steele.

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Uncategorized Photo March 9, 2009

The Tim Watch: Scrambled Or Over Easy?

Because Geithner is obviously not running around with his hair on fire, the look of deliberation implies one of two opposite meanings.

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The Last Gig With Openings Available

The plywood panel as signature of the undertaker.

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Media Focus Photo March 8, 2009

Rush = Porn!

Newsweek morphs a super-sized Limbaugh into the Great and Powerful Oz, slaps a tag across his mouth connotative of porn, and guarantees (ca-ching, ca-ching) he will be driving the news cycle a second week in a row.

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The Gap

Even the White House slide show on the health care forum seemed a little distant, by the way, playing with backgrounds and spending two pics on the presence of Teddy Kennedy. Given the White House emphasis on bipartisanship, dialogue and interactivity in these forums, it's also curious the person...

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Disaster Focus Photo March 7, 2009

The Skillet

This photo -- taken at a tent city in Sacramento -- has a real Depression-era feeling to it.

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Disaster Focus Photo March 6, 2009

Your Turn: Stimulus-Created Police

In a thoroughly vivid reference, TIME referred to these personnel as "stimulus-created police."

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Uncategorized Photo March 5, 2009

Michelle At Arlington

Perhaps the photo op of the week involved Michelle Obama at the Women in Military Service Memorial Center at Arlington.

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Despite plenty of options to choose from, both WAPO and the NYT ran the same picture of "the head of the Republican Party" within the past few days. Why?

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Geithner OMG

Given his role as the combined Mr. Fixit and Communicator-in-Chief of the economic meltdown, Tim Geither doesn't come off assertive, personable or even relatable. This photo by Ben Lowy, taken as the Administration was settling in, leads off a slide show at Fortune titled "Inside Obama's economic war room."

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Uncategorized Photo March 4, 2009

Your Turn: Karl Has Young Repubs For Lunch

This photo (that Rove posted himself on Twitpics the other day) comes with all kinds of delectables.

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Saving The Women Of Afghanistan

What is troubling is the way in which we seem to have convinced ourselves that the reason we having been fighting the Afghan war, at least in part, has been to save its women.

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