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President Obama Photo April 13, 2009


In spite of the cheesy arrival of the Obama pooch, I have a feeling this Pete Souza photo might be one of the most significant he will take in the White House given its "unbounded" quality.

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Originals Photo

Grand Rapids Auto: An Introduction

Christina Clusiau is a New York based photographer who has been returning to her hometown in Northern Minnesota to photograph and interview members and employees of her family’s auto dealership, in light of the economic crisis which has forced the car companies to ask for bailouts from the federal...

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Spin Focus Photo April 12, 2009


With all the deep and less tractable problems the U.S. is weighed down with -- such as the the brutal recession, the near-collapse of the banking system, and the FUBAR situation in Afghanistan -- was the media, the public and the White House all too compelled to "go nationalistic"...

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Media Focus Photo

Your Turn: The Afghan Drag

BAGnewsNotes readers weigh in on the new TIME cover, touting a passive looking American soldier and the title "How Not To Lose In Afghanistan."

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Holocaust In The Furniture Business?

Holocaust In The Furniture Business?  I’d understand if you think I’ve got a screw loose. Chairs are not people. Manufactured objects are recycled all the time, but....

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President Obama Photo April 11, 2009

White House Passover

According to reports, Obama had a Seder with campaign workers in Pennsylvania last year and, in response to the final refrain: "Next year in Jerusalem!", Obama replied: "Next year in the White House!" So, above he makes good, bringing together many from the group.

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"Like Cattle Down A Chute"

Here's the link to my Pictures of the Week segment on Florida Progressive Radio's No Days Off. I discussed four photos, Obama shaking hands with the London policeman at 10 Downing Street; the remains of the soldier returning to Dover; and both the Nina Berman and Mario Tama images...

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Militarism Focus Photo April 10, 2009

The Economist: A World Without Nuclear Weapons

The Economist cover: A World Without Nuclear Weapons. (Where can I get the poster?)

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Show Me The Knuckles

Even if Humpty Dumpty is on his way to being pieced back together, the image seems to do a nice job of framing the fundamental Wall Street/Main Street disconnect.

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Originals Photo

Gitmo Details #1: Club Survivor

In conjunction with Daylight Magazine , BNN takes a look at a series of images by photographer Christopher Sims taken at Guantanamo Bay.

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Uncategorized Photo April 9, 2009

White House Behind The Scenes: Euro Edition

The White House has just posted this 28 pic "behind the scenes" photo gallery of Obama's trip to Europe. This last shot was taken on the way to Iraq and features a nice cross-section of the senior brain trust.

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It Had To Be You

What's terrifying is about this image is how much it amplifies the moral and structural integrity of the (teetering) Pakistani government.

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Terror Focus Photo April 8, 2009

America(n) Taken Hostage By Somali Pirates

In the picture, Andrea Phillips holds a photo of she and her husband, Richard Phillips. Phillips is the captain of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship hijacked today off the Horn of Africa in the first engagement between Somali pirates and a ship with an American crew.

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Bush Focus Photo


This photo of George Bush throwing out the first pitch in Arlington on baseball's opening day ends up looking surprisingly familiar.

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President Obama Photo April 7, 2009

I Was In The Neighborhood

After a new-flawless Europe trip, I've got problems with this photo op from Obama's surprise stop in Baghdad.

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I Am One Of Them

Captured here, in my mind, is one of the most momentous foreign policy moves in years.

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Nina Berman Photo April 6, 2009

Walled Street Protest

Noting the relative lack of emotion, enthusiasm, anger, BNN contributer Nina Berman offers us this view of the Wall Street protest this weekend.  

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Dover +18

It may be incidental that the first soldier to break the ban on the display of American caskets died in Afghanistan (as to opposed to Iraq), but it makes a huge difference in the way I look at this picture.

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