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Business Focus Photo June 30, 2009

Tag A Lobbyist

First encountering it a week ago, I'm still impressed by NPR's idea to turn the camera on the lobbyists packing the health care hearings rather than on the hearings themselves.

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Entrance of the Presidential House

Maybe the Honduran military coup represents the greater evil, but I'm wondering how much our support for Zelaya -- who pushed to abrogate the constitution to remain in power -- somehow isn't just good for business.  

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 29, 2009

Fireworks Over Baghdad

  People watch fireworks above Baghdad in celebration of Tuesday's withdrawal of U.S. troops from all Iraqi cities.

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The Meaning Of Michael

Interesting choice for the Newsweek cover after five days of Michael Jackson-inspired media saturation. The photo let us off the hook in confronting any complexity in regards to "the meaning of Michael."

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International Focus Photo June 28, 2009

Iran Update: "Can You Hear Me Now? …Hello?" (…Crackle…)

Are you still in withdrawal over the Iranian suppression of the post-election protests?

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Originals Photo June 27, 2009

Parisian Nights

BAGnewsNotes contributer Zoriah Miller recently spent some time on the streets of Paris with homeless refugees from Afghanistan, many of whom served as translators for the U.S. military.

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Culture Focus Photo June 26, 2009

"The Man in the Painting"

The obvious inclination here is to assume that Michael Jackson, in his death, has become a powerfully nostalgic goodwill export, one even capable of stealing some glow away from Osama bin Ladin.

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Culture Focus Photo June 25, 2009

Your Turn: In Passing

How does a photo editor come up with one image to lede the death of Michael Jackson?

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Media Focus Photo

TIME Cover:Iran vs. Iran vs. Iran

I'm wondering what compelled TIME to make a collage for the Iran election cover in the first place?

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Scandal Focus Photo June 24, 2009

Sanford: That's My Boy

It's a standard, but well-worthy file photo circulating this evening, the philandering Mark Sanford mainlining the adulation, the power, the thrill of election night.

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International Focus Photo June 23, 2009

Turning Tide #2: "C'mon, Look Happy"

With the Iranian government reasserting control, several images circulated yesterday of Ahmadinejad looking presidential -- or, as in the case above, at least ridiculously carefree.

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Turning Tide #1: Controlling the Streets

One sign that the hardline Iranian government has reasserted control in Tehran is that the flow of independent images has been reduced to a trickle.

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International Focus Photo June 22, 2009

Your Turn: Hanging Chad

BAGnewsNotes readers respond to the New Yorker cover drawing a parallel between the stolen Iranian election and Bush-Gore 2000.

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International Focus Photo June 21, 2009


This frame, distributed by Getty Images, was pulled from the gruesome YouTube video of the woman reportedly killed by the Basij at a Tehran protest rally on Saturday.... caption: A screen grab taken on June 21, 2009 from a video posted on YouTube allegedly shows Iranian men trying...

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International Focus Photo June 20, 2009

American Mettle

It's not that I'm advocating a full bore U.S. military defense of the Iranian reformers. I am wondering, however, how far the situation has to go before a more vigorous American effort does merit deployment in the name of democracy.

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Obama not just emphasizing the role of fathers on Father's Day but actuallymodeling Dad-in-Chief at home in the backyard.

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Culture Focus Photo June 19, 2009

White House On Deck

After doing his thing Friday both in the White House grand foyer and here in the Old Executive Office Building, Tony Hawk got the word and the pics out on Twitter.   

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Yes, We Can Too

You don't think the days and days of Iranian reformers waving portraits around in front of cameras hasn't informed the behavior of this hard liner during Khamenei's talk today

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