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International Focus Photo October 5, 2009

Afghanistan Update: In a Bind

With the war in Afghanistan at the top of the list of political footballs this week, I'm curious about this photo on the cover of the new TIME.

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Your Turn: Here Come The FOXes

BAGnewsNotes readers respond to the line up, layout and presentation (love the stamps, by the way!) of the 'Great American Conservative Woman' Calendar.

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The "T" Word

As Western nations negotiate with Iran over nuclear issues, we're suddenly a long way from "Bush World," and the refusal to talk to members of the so-called "Axis of Evil."

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President Obama Photo October 4, 2009

Rio Ugly: Targeting the First Lady

Apparently, it only took one day for the Olympic "fail" meme to rock the wingnut world, set up Michelle Obama and work the race card.

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Alan Chin Photo October 3, 2009

Photographer Alan Chin's Letter from China

Photographer Alan Chin on the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist revolution.

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Media Focus Photo October 2, 2009

The Obamas: The "Shame" of Copenhagen

This AP photo of the Obamas in Copenhagen in support of Chicago's Olympic bid is just one example of how the media is using the Brazil award to frame Michelle and Barack as failures.

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Your Turn: This American Life

BAGnewsNotes readers assess the cover of "Going Rogue" as Sarah Palin relaunches "the brand."  

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Uncategorized Photo October 1, 2009

To Doug, Your Friend & Brother in Christ.

Senator John Ensign: One more philandering wingnut hiding behind Jesus.

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Simply "Ouch"

Has Obama left McChrystal twisting in the wind?

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BAGnewsNotes "Our Man at the G20" Exclusive Slideshow: The Paramilitary View

Watch the BAGnewsNotes "Our Man at the G20" exclusive slideshow, "The Paramilitary View," with images by photojournalist Jason Andrew.

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