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Uncategorized Photo November 20, 2009

When is Piper Next Going to Have a Normal Halloween?

If anyone out there still somehow entertains the notion that the Palin children aren't media props, consider the question: When is Piper next going to have a "normal" Halloween?

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International Focus Photo November 19, 2009

Afghanistan Leakers: Making Obama, Clinton Look Foolish

Rather than taking up the right wing's "dithering" or "what's taking SO long" meme when it comes to Afghan strategy (in a situation that some see as having no practical urgency) perhaps the better question to ask is, what's with the leaks? -- and, what are they costing the...

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International Focus Photo November 18, 2009

British Army Accused of Sexual Abuse of Detainees in Iraq

I sympathise with arguments to say that only through release of such images can the world know the full extent of what happened, but I also doubt what we can actually and accurately “know” from photographs that we wouldn’t otherwise learn through full disclosure and description of events. ......

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Media Focus Photo

Oprah, Sarah and the Girls

Beneath the made-for-TV Palin family book tour, you can see the tension.

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Are You Going To Believe Them, Or Your Own Eyes?

BAGnews is singularly dedicated to challenging the use of pictures for the purpose of sensationalism, oversimplification, infotainment or collusion by the shockingly over-concentrated corporate media. Help us make a visible difference.

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Last Look On O China Trip: A Little Cold

A nation of umpteen billion people and Obama, a man recognized for wowing the crowds and stirring hope in the masses, especially overseas, is featured today on the newswires wrapping up his China trip alone at the Great Wall.

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The Relevance of BAGnews

Let's face it, pixels are playing a fundamental role both in the political and culture wars as well as the commercialization of visual culture. BAGnews is a response, an alternative, and an evolving mission to speak truth to visual power.

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Bloomberg Watch: Wastin' Away Again in Margarita Burritoville

Today, I'm starting another "watch" series starring New York Mayor and financial services mogul, Michael Bloomberg. As a poster child for Wall Street's co-opting of Main Street -- especially after he nearly lost re-election for trying to buy it -- I want to put, and keep an eye on...

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International Focus Photo November 17, 2009

Afghanistan: Ain't That The Problem?

You can't painting it out any larger. As long as McChrystal and the U.S.A. are fronting for the crooked and discredited Karzai, we've got nothing to say.

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A Whole New BAG

We’ll kick off the new BAGnews with new and familiar contributors including Robert Hariman and John Lucaites , co-authors of No Caption Needed , Pete Brook of Prison Photography , Stan Banos of Reciprocity Failure and Cara Finnegan of First Efforts , to be joined by others. ... And,...

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Media Focus Photo November 16, 2009

Newsweek Gives Cover Girl Palin A Dressing Down

Palin might be bad for the GOP, but she's certainly not hurting the cheese ball and sex-starved news business any.

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Spin Focus Photo

Those Talking White House Walls

Rachel Maddow looks at what's on the walls in the White House reality show.

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Bite the Hand that Feeds You … a Little Bit

With Asia holding "most of our paper," how much is Obama pushing vs. colluding with China on human rights?

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International Focus Photo November 15, 2009

Bow Gate

  On President Obama's Bow to the Japanese Emperor, An Academic Friend Writes That Both the Left and the Right Are Wrong (AP)

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Obama's Family Photograph

Although the right might run with it as "Obama as 'furner"," I like this "family photograph" of Obama in Singapore at his first APEC summit.

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Terror Focus Photo November 14, 2009

New York to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Bring in On

With Khalid Shaikh Mohammed coming to New York for trial, the huge front page photo actually reads two-ways, the city ready to stare him down.

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Media Focus Photo

100% of Your Weekly Dose of Terrorism Panic

What is especially warped about the new TIME Hasan raccoon cover is how the "psycho x-ray" effect turns what is otherwise a tragically complex story into a one-frame horror movie.

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Bush Focus Photo

Gimme A "W"!!!

George Bush returns to his original calling.

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