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Disaster Focus Photo January 31, 2010

Keeping Priorities in Order

Let the rest of the world worry about Haiti. It's Superbowl Week.

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Media Focus Photo

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Some More)

Why another cover (this, from the New York Times Magazine, about the domestic terrorist threat of Islamic terrorism -- especially the same week when Terrorist and Pro-(unborn)Life activist Scott Roeder is convicted of killing an abortion doctor?

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Disaster Focus Photo January 30, 2010

Haiti: As We Approach Week Four

From the pictures and reports of continuing ineptitude distributing food and water, many Haitians -- far from any opportunity to "get in touch" with their despair -- continue to be traumatized.

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Shining a Light On the Whole Lot of Them

As Obama continues to train his focus on the pettiness in Congress and right-wing obstructionism, it's just too bad the traditional media -- because it thrives on the conflict -- is so hesitant to train its eye on the GOP hostility and presumptuousness Obama is exposing.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 29, 2010

Haiti: Convoy to Nowhere

  How FUBAR is the process of delivering aide accumulating at the Port au Prince airport? And, why -- after seventeen days -- isn't there more basic coordination taking place between the US Military and the UN? The slideshow at WSJ by Peter van Agtmael is a must see.

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More BAG

Are you following our Twitter feed? Enjoy more political optics and photo analysis with just a slight overlap with The BAG. Add here. And then, if you can't be here daily, sign up for our newsletter -- a weekly "Best of the BAG" digest. Enjoy.

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President Obama Photo January 28, 2010

Obama-eye View

Because Obama won a weekly news cycle for the first time in ... I don't remember, and because I don't recall seeing this State of the Union angle done before, here you go.

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More SOTU: Framed for Hanging

More Obama State of the Union: Small-mindedness, timidity, pettiness and self-interest. Obama won the night (and aligned himself perfectly with Main Street) by doling out the shame to DC's "untouchables."

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President Obama Photo January 27, 2010

SOTU '10: Pic of the Night

BAGnewsNotes State of the Union '10 Pic of the Night

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Uncategorized Photo January 26, 2010

The Look for Winter, Spring and, especially, Fall

W previewed mid-term voter sentiment back in November.

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What the White House has to do with English Waffles

I thought the takeaway from the Scott Brown debacle was to finally line up behind a progressive agenda and attack the recession and job losses. Well, that lasted about a week — until the Administration dropped that brick about a spending freeze. The Administration — if you watched Jared...

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What The Haitians Did With All That Stuff They "Stole"

I can't help wondering how many of those scenes in which Haitians were construed to be stealing might have had something to do with the near-miraculous overnight tent cities they've been lauded for constructing.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 25, 2010

Haiti, 1915: …Or, I Have Often Walked Down These Streets Before

Given America's 20 year occupation of Haiti starting in 1915; it's hand (not so publicized these past two weeks) -- through Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 -- in ushering in and out the various dictatorial, military as well as democratically-elected regimes; and the push now to take a...

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Media Focus Photo

Now What, Mommy? — (Updated)

If, at the end of the week, the White House was already framing Obama 2.0 as more populist, pointed and accessible, TIME begged to differ.

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Business Focus Photo January 24, 2010

Coke's Olympic Spirit: War is It!

Playing on the notion that the world community exist to tear itself to pieces, Coke imagines it's own little world war.

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Business Focus Photo January 23, 2010

Your Turn: Those Haiti Cruises — The Fun Is Just Beginning

  You knew the newswires were bound to publish photos like these soon enough. They involve passengers from a Celebrity Cruise ship docked Friday in Labadee, Haiti, enjoying themselves while, to the south, the country has been devastated by a massive earthquake.

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Obama: On The Progressive Front

Whether or not Obama is taking a progressive turn, the White House seems fully engaged in prompting the suggestion.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 22, 2010

Seeing the Haitians

Of course, what the photo raises, as much as anything, is the uneasy role of aide provision and how much America (captured in the vector of this soldiers gaze) can actually see the Haitian people at all.

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