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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 28, 2010

Afghanistan: Passing Snapshot of a Down and Dirty War

What is wrong with the Afghan coverage this week -- if you're trying to make sense of the pictures -- is 1.) fragmentation and 2.) inanity.

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Campaign '10 Photo February 27, 2010

Where Scott Brown is Coming From…

I wonder how much Brown can successfully repel right wing pressure and carve out a more middle-ground, independent role just by virtue of his sex appeal.

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Photo February 26, 2010

Blind Faith

I was interested in this shot of Simon Brown who, according to the AP caption, was blinded by sniper fire while serving in Basra, Iraq, in 2006.

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Uncategorized Photo February 25, 2010

To Your Health

  With the sound off, the overly-hyped health care talking point summit only demonstrated that the Repubs have learned to mostly confine the snickering to the breaks.

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The Great Recession Photo February 24, 2010

Between Main Street and the Beltway

While Harry Reid and the Senate tongue wag in Washington, these photos -- one from the front of the room, the other from the back -- reveal the disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country suffering the recession.

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Haiti: The Earthquake Photo February 23, 2010

"If you had seen the faces of those children as we loaded them onto the airplane, you wouldn’t have asked a lot of questions, either.” (Gov. Rendell)

A photo of supposed Haitian orphans being transported to Pittsburgh takes on a completely different feeling now that officials are finally digging into who they are.

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For the Birds

Who would even know what the impact of the NATO airstrike was on Afghanistan at all -- considering that the "strategically-apologetic" military propaganda machine is operating in such high gear now,

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President Obama Photo February 22, 2010

Washington: Paying Lip Service

Washington is broken. It's depressing as hell. The Republicans? You just can't deal with these people.

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Fashion Week Update: It's Cammo Again

Military style what's hot for Fall? Sounds like 7th Avenue's response to endless war.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo February 21, 2010

America Calling

I don't know if they're less pissed off when Afghans kick their doors in, but the Marjah locals -- our precious constituency -- aren't happy about it us doing it.

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And on the Seventh Day, They Rested

U.S. service men celebrate mass in Afghanistan. Just hope pictures like these don't hinder the hearts-and-minds campaign.

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Haiti: The Earthquake Photo February 20, 2010

Haiti: But She Can Sweep

  These are not the practices of state action or global mobilization by state and non-governmental organizations; instead, they are the simple habits of life.

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Even Hot Chocolate

Contributor Stan Banos deconstructs an ad for a coffee maker featuring a bi-racial couple

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Uncategorized Photo February 19, 2010

Your Turn: Paid to Wait

BNN readers respond to a 2010 White House News Photographer's Association award-winning photo. John Lyon might not have a real job anymore, but he can still earn a few dollars holding a place in line for Capitol Hill lobbyists.

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Race Focus Photo

CPAC 2: Black Power

Somehow, I'm not surprised FOX chose to illustrate yesterday's kickoff CPAC article with the the black guy giving a power salute

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Uncategorized Photo February 18, 2010

CPAC 1: Kids With Guns

Thanks to the NRA and America's youth for a truly a perfect news photo from the 2010 CPAC conference.

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Campaign '10 Photo February 17, 2010

Kissing Charlie

Now that's a highly charged meme to take into Campaign '10! Obama as the kiss of death.

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Is It The Same Old Song?

Or a different rendition since Bush left the scene?  Pakistani authorities parade blindfolded Taliban commander Abdullah (alias Abu Waqas) for the cameras in Karachi, Pakistan.  The commander's arrest was one of several accomplished in joint operations by CIA and Pakistani security forces in the past week. The photo leaves...

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