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Photo July 31, 2010

Sarah Palin: America by Heart (Ca-Ching!)

For my money, though, "American by Heart" also telegraphs how much Palin -- having ditched public service to become a full-fledged political celebrity -- in now rolling in dough.

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Photo July 30, 2010

A Snap from London

As a Friday afternoon break from the usual, I thought I'd share a photo I snapped during my week in London at the end of June/beginning of July.

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The Rangel Affair and "Leak Week": Still Milking 9/11

I near lost my breath this morning when I saw this photo of the power-mad Charlie Rangel using New York's war fatalities as wallpaper.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 29, 2010

What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan?? …Try, What’s Happening on this Cover?

Any surprise this "tug at your heart" cover comes out just days after Wikileak brings the failure of the Afghan campaign into the light -- and just as the campaign against Wikileak and Julian Assange gets going in the MSM? And, isn’t the cover title applying emotional blackmail and...

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Media Focus Photo

The View … of the Old Obama

What the photo captures is something we haven't seen much of for about a year-and-a-half, which is a more youthful and free-wheeling Barack.

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Media Focus Photo July 28, 2010

Chelsea Update: Hat Lash

Notice to Chelsea: Watch your back (or, your head) for holding out on an over-entitled media.

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John Moore Photo

Arizona Update: Coat Check

John Moore/Getty Images Here’s the latest from Getty’s John Moore in trying to get his arms (or lens, rather) around the battle in Arizona. The photo, taken yesterday, shows Mexican immigrant Jose Manuel in Nogales (that’s Nogales on the Mexico side, not the Arizona side). According to Mr. Manuel,...

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Afghanistan through the Wiki Glass

After the triple-helping of reality imparted by the massive Wikileak cyber-drop, the government's Afghan war propaganda -- hard enough to digest before -- looks flat-out preposterous now.

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Culture Focus Photo July 27, 2010

SB1070, Coming to a Theater Near You

Joshua Lott, Reuters Two days before the Arizona immigration bill becoming law, lets pay homage to State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of the legislation, not just for demonstrating his own narcissism in sitting for this portrait, but for helping usher in this law with a harsh, warped and...

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Brendan Hoffman Photo July 26, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: Eyes on Haiti's Rapes

They were willing to identify themselves to a foreign journalist and tell their stories: "They felt that, at least someone is asking and concerned," but Brendan felt, "I wanted to preserve their anonymity as much as possible. So I shot really tight and cropped in on the eyes." Because this...

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Afghanistan Photo

The Fog(ging) of War

The fact of the matter is that we have been shown evidence of virtually every one of these concerns over the past, long, ten years and we have chosen not to see them. Like the soldier in the photograph above, caught in the rotor wash of a MEDEVAC helicopter...

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Behind the Afghan War Logs: Can’t Forgive, Won’t Forget?

With the massive release of the leaked Afghan War Logs, I was reminded of this photo taken last January. If the photo is clear about why we got into this, I'm just not sure what it speaks to now.

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Culture Focus Photo July 24, 2010

Sell Like a Man, Man

The disappointment of the Old Spice Guy ad campaign is that the progressive image of black masculinity is only funny—and only makes sense—when it is wedged into another narrative (one as familiar as the racist story that Old Spice Guy tries to displace). Women desire (and are most desirable...

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Robert Hariman Photo July 23, 2010

Sustainable Catastrophes

the story that accompanied this photograph in the New York Times is one reason why we will continue to experience large-scale disasters. To see why, we can begin by noting that photo had two captions: One was the small credit off to one side that said "Catastrophe"...

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International Focus Photo July 22, 2010

Money Shot at the DMZ

I was interested in these almost cinematic shots of Hillary at the Korean DMZ with the North Korean soldier peering through the window. The steely anger in Hillary's face is completely intentional, of course, as she's aware (in contrast to the smiling Gates) of the money shot.

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Business Focus Photo July 21, 2010

We Sure Showed the Big Banks, Didn’t We?

So Congress caved on almost everything, but yeah, right, it's "a good first step" -- like Congress is now going to come back around and do something about "too big to fail" or kill the derivative madness. ...If there's a small bit of solace to be found, it's...

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