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Photo September 30, 2010

Rahm’s Get Away: The Picture Was Dark from Day One

Doug Mills/The New York Times With the breaking, but not unexpected news that Rahm is leaving the White House, the choice of this undated photo accompanying the NYT announcement is a telling one. What’s also interesting to me is how much it parallels this image the NYT ran on...

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Campaign '10 Photo

If Allred Around the Edges, the Photo's Still Lethal

Meg's team can complain all they want about celebrity site TMZ vacuuming up the imagery from yesterday's press conference into the great annals of scandal iconography, it's not going to help.

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Photo September 29, 2010

Glenn Beck: The Picture of Innocence

You get a nice take on Beck's "angel" self on the cover of this coming Sunday's NYT Mag.

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Campaign '10 Photo September 28, 2010

Sprinkling Salt in the Whine

First, let's get something straight. The Chicago Trib is using that headline and this photo out of context.

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State Power When the Center Should Not Hold

Both this photograph and a second, featuring Hamid Karzai, reveal the same, sad reality: no amount of military force on the periphery can compensate for injustice or corruption at the center of the state.

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Campaign '10 Photo

Obama, the Rolling Stone Cover, and Playing from Behind

With the Tea Party's standard bearers looking more and more radical and wild-eyed, this photo of the President, calm and grounded outside the Oval Office, is all the more impactful for the lack of drama or pizzaz.

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Campaign '10 Photo September 27, 2010

Candidate's "Ground Zero" Scare Tactic Only 3 Examples Short of a History Lesson

Wow, you've just gotta love this political ad from Renee Ellmers, a candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd District. If her goal -- with this Ground Zero ad -- is to scare viewers about a potential Muslim takeover of New York, her examples hardly demonstrate Islam's world domination.

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More Dinesh: Forbes Touts "Kenyan Neo-Colonial" Attack in Name of the Business Community

Tracking the latest racist attack on Obama -- dressed up as a pseudo-intellectual argument about Obama's "Kenyan neo-colonial" philosophy -- Forbes Magazine gives Dinesh D'Souza a front page platform to expound this dog-whistle theory in the name of the business community.

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D’Souza’s Rage as a Cover

If many writers have already provided Mr. D'Souza's bizarre pseudo-intellectual racist attack a thoughtful slapdown, my concern is the visual language.

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Afghanistan Photo September 26, 2010

Jeremy Lange's "War At Home": Surge Babies

Jeremy Lange's third post from the War At Home: Death in uniform, surge babies, and cupcakes.

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Media Focus Photo September 25, 2010

The $100 Million Photo Op

Waiting for "Superman."The Reaction? How about: Waiting for "The Social Network," with this show and photo as the reaction? Or, the pre-emption.

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Media Focus Photo

Winner … and Still Champion!

Considering the date of this winning "Magazine Cover of the Year" award, it seems the message has only grown stronger.

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Culture Focus Photo September 24, 2010

Can't Tell Which Photo Was Funnier From the Clinton Global Initiative. This One…

After a week of studying pics from the political wars, this is where my mind drifted on a Friday afternoon. And yes, I'll take captions. Enjoy!

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Campaign '10 Photo

Apparently, Can't Tell the Difference Between Tee Time/Tea Time

It's hard to believe Boehner would be so clueless as to actually brandish this tea pot after the Repubs "Contract with America Show."

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Campaign '10 Photo September 23, 2010

A Matter of Life and Death

Sure, it's only one picture, but in embracing this woman with cancer, Obama actually and finally interjects some heart into an issue that is, after all, a matter of life-and-death.

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President Obama Photo September 22, 2010

Obama's Wars (And That's Just at the Office)

If Mike Allen thinks Woodward's book is a net positive for Obama, the cover surely isn't. Call it "team of rival-ry."

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DADT: Media Gaga Over Everything … Except What She Had to Say

Most of the reports on her rally are primarily, if not exclusively photographic, almost to the exclusion of what she actually had to say. The irony, of course, is that a quasi-faux rally cast as political spectacle received far more coverage than the presumably unintentional spectacle of actual Senators...

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Spin Focus Photo

So Long Larry: My Favorite Summers Shot

The timing of this portrait was as interesting as the image itself, coming just six days after Obama's inauguration and helping set, or better yet, confuse the tone of what was billed as a progressive new Administration.

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