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Terror Focus Photo November 18, 2010

Michael Chertoff's Indetectable-to-the-Media Trouser Snake

What does Michael Chertoff’s snake know that the mainstream U.S. media has chosen to ignore?

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Antrim Caskey's "Dragline": Mediation Fails

Fourth post of photographer Antrim Caskey's Mountaintop Mining Watch series from West Virginia on mountaintop removal by coal companies.

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Media Focus Photo November 17, 2010

Thoughts on the Palin NYT Mag Cover: Like She’s So "Homemade"

2. Hmm, 8 out of 10 Team Mamma Grizzly members are ... Poppa Grizzlies.

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Campaign '10 Photo

Same Old (Not Much) Song and Dance

What we're seeing in these faces, as the parties dig in for a session of deck chair rearrangement, is the stress of the gridlock and abject pettiness as a picture broadcast to the American people.

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Bush Focus Photo November 16, 2010

God Bless Dubya’s Library (and What’s Left of Cheney)

The fact that the logo of the Bush Library (sort of a paradoxical concept in itself), represents a melding of the flag and the bible is something of a parting shot for all posterity.

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Gay Rights and the Killing Fields

While still struggling to wrap my head around the idea that Americans could take an American war for granted, I also marvel at the day-to-day compromise involved in fighting for a more humanistic killing machine.

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Business Focus Photo November 15, 2010

Antrim Caskey's "Dragline": Mingo Slurry

Third post of photographer Antrim Caskey's Mountaintop Mining Watch series from West Virginia on mountaintop removal by coal companies.

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Foot of the Buddha

What makes the photos of Obama's visit to the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura so arresting on the last day of his Asia trip is the dramatic contrast between the symbolism of the statue and the all-out post-midterm hell awaiting him back in D.C.

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Photo November 13, 2010

Your Turn: Hold the Mayo

BagReaders respond to this scene from Sarah Palin's reality TV show.

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Obama the Invalid

Beyond the analogy of America as a car stuck in a ditch, the harsh photo represents Obama as the guy who was in the car when it got totaled.

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War & Militarism Photo November 11, 2010

Nina Berman: Poisoned While Deployed

Veterans Day: Nina Berman's reportage of Iraq veterans suffering from illnesses attributed to toxic exposure at Army Burn Pits.

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TIME’s Boehner: The Seducer

Sorry for the inundation if you're approaching or have already hit your Boehner fill, but tracking these covers, and examining the "it boy" treatment, is instructive for us to truly understand how a Republican Party coronation is taking place.

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Campaign '10 Photo

Fore Sale: Boehner's Day One

John Boehner set the early symbolic tone for the new Congress by showing up for his first Capitol Hill press conference as Speaker yesterday not just wearing a sweater, but a country club sweater. ...But it gets even better.

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Bush Focus Photo November 10, 2010

Waterboarding Saved London

Here's my mark-up of the The Times' full page Bush make-over.

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Campaign '10 Photo November 9, 2010

Your Turn: The Boehner-Obama Bump

BagReaders weigh in on Barry Blitt's new New Yorker Obama - Boehner Oval Office fist bump cover. (...Or, is it the Blitt Obama fist bump do over?)

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Bush Focus Photo

Kicking off Bush Week with Mom, Baseball (and the Brother or Sister He Never Had)

How does NBC lead off "Bush Week" as the network that scored the kick-off interview to the week long marathon of Bush re-entry and reconstitution? With baseball, Texas, a focus on ancient history, a vivid painting of radical anti-abortion imagery and Mom.

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Photo November 8, 2010

Obama in Brown-Skinned Land

Here we go with the right-wing looking to get the bowing-thing rolling again. An African-American president makes a friendly little gesture to a foreign leader, and ... well, you know.

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The Pic from Mumbai

The measure of the post-midterm trip is the ability to successfully change the subject.

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