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Disaster Focus Photo July 31, 2011

Jake Price in Japan: The Road Back

Jake Price reflects on photographing the aftermath of Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, as he embarks to return for a follow-up journey to the disaster zone.

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Let's Play Army Men!

For those of us who spent countless hours of our childhood playing with World War II combat figurines, this molded amputee is a shock to the memory system.

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Photo July 29, 2011

The Die Was Cast Early

In light of the train wreck otherwise known as the great debt ceiling battle of 2011, I like to recall one of my favorite photos of the Obama administration. Call it an early portrait of Obama's penchant for cross-aisle kumbayah. At the same time, it was a sign of...

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Papa John Failed Them

If they’d ordered Godfather’s Pizza, they would have gotten the job done cuz Papa John failed them.

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No "I" in Tea Party? Think Again.

You think there's no "i" in Tea Party? Well actually, the sign demonstrates it's all "I." Obama, in basically digesting the budget agenda of the right and then bending-over-backward in concessions, almost can't stop eating his peas.

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Photo July 28, 2011

Debt Crisis: Spare the Cots and Spoil the Congress Children?

"There was a time when they did whatever it took to get a bill passed, even if it meant keeping the vote open all night long."

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The Picture from Iowa, 2012: Bachmann's Inner Child

Not to be condescending, but do you sense a strong elementary quality here with a childlike feel to many of these faces and bodies?

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Campaign '12 Photo July 27, 2011

Romney: Not Warm. Unfuzzy.

This L.A. photo op was a disaster and it wasn't just because the baby blew him off.

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The Picture from Iowa, 2012: The Bachmann Versus Pawlenty Voter

Photographer Brendan Hoffman is in Iowa leading up to the Ames Straw Poll on August 13th. We'll be following him and looking at what his photos suggest about the candidates, Campaign '12 and the current political climate.

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President Obama Photo July 26, 2011

President Boehner (Or, Obama Losing the Pulpit)

If Obama has found himself in a trap where the Repubs now have equal TV billing as well as equal weight driving the economic agenda, however, he's brought it upon himself by way of his pervasive pursuit of collaboration and consensus.

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Photo July 25, 2011

Boehner's Agreeability

Whispering? Blowing a kiss? Once bit?

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The "Devil": Norway Killer Breivik Faces Court, Tabloids

It's not evil we're dealing with here, it's hate.

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Media Focus Photo

Newsweek, DSK & Murdoch: Maid for Each Other

What a blatantly impressive visual device to justify this sleaze cover story, also exploiting the tabloid-void as the Murdoch empire goes limping.

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President Obama Photo July 24, 2011

Obama/Boehner: Where's the Beer?

Q: How can Obama be the president you want him to be when he’s facing this Republican Congress? A: I’ll put it this way, brother: You’ve got to be a thermostat rather than a thermometer. A thermostat shapes the climate of opinion; a thermometer just reflects it. If you’re...

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Culture Focus Photo July 23, 2011

Oslo Massacre: What's in a Headshot?

I'm reading a lot of references to "preppy." I haven't yet seen any reference to "Aryan," though.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 22, 2011

Facing Our Warriors (Before, During and After)

Taken as a piece, the three portraits mark the subtle, psychic metamorphosis of a young man who has encountered the experience of war.

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The Longest Yard

I think Roll Call and Getty have a winner with this shot -- a cheeky commentary on what is happening in real life (if one would venture to use that term to describe what's happening in D.C. now, or ever).

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Culture Focus Photo July 21, 2011

What's Really Ruining America: Graffiti!

The pairing of two explanations–one where culture harms the economy, and the other where the economy affects culture–is not journalistic objectivity; no, it’s a false equivalence, and one that encourages the reader to believe that the state should be treating symptoms rather than causes.

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