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Campaign '12 Photo April 30, 2012

The Problem with Obama's bin Laden/Romney Attack Video – In Pictures

The problem with the Obama OBL Romney attack video is that it manages to confuse us with two different images of Obama, one the high-minded statesman and the other, a (yes, more Clinton-like) Machiavellian operator whose motivation in eliminating bin Laden was all too political.

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Faith Focus Photo April 29, 2012

Foreign Policy's Painted Lady: Sex Issue Cover Model Too Sexy For "Her Burqa"

Foreign Policy quickly went viral last week, illustrating the public’s appetite for serious coverage of global gender issues. Ironically, the visuals that graced the cover and accompanied the essay suggest that FP’s editors thought they needed to appeal to a different appetite in order to sell their magazine.

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Media Focus Photo

Santorum and Lohan At White House Correspondent’s Dinner

If I had to boil the power bacchanal down to one photograph, it's this one.

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Culture Focus Photo April 28, 2012

Space Shuttle in the Skies of Manhattan: The Healing

I can't look at the Shuttle seeming to thread its way in and among the New York cityscape without recalling other scenes burned into my psyche.

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The Rich and the Poor Photo April 26, 2012

Paul Ryan Looks to the Heavens

Oh, did I mention the thrust of the words accompanying this fine Getty portraiture involved Ryan's rebuttal to Catholic critics who take issue with slicing up what's left of the safety net?

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Campaign '12 Photo April 25, 2012

Obama '12: Head Scarves in the Rear View Mirror

This extended digression into the slime of Campaign '08 is inspired by the sight of President Obama warmly shaking the hands of a Muslim woman at the University of Colorado.

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Photo April 24, 2012

Secret Surface

Now that we know these guys happen to also be red-blooded American men, it's easy to imagine they're looking forward here to some downtime in Cartagena.

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Loaded Images from a St. Petersburg Abortion Clinic

I look at them closely and feel glad neither of them are forced to be mothers at a young age.

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Martin – Zimmerman: Are You My Mother?

On a practical level, it might make perfect sense that Zimmerman's wife and family remain nowhere to be seen. However, it's hard not to draw inferences.

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Media Focus Photo April 23, 2012

Obama: Channeling Rosa Parks

At the end of the day, what Obama achieves from this brilliant White House rendition is not just a reference to Rosa and history books but a reference -- even more recently and historically -- to himself.

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International Focus Photo April 20, 2012

State-Sponsored Photo of the Week

In Syria, the couple who caused the carnage cram cartons of food aid for the victims of fighting in Homs.

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Media Focus Photo April 19, 2012

Newsweek Cover/Story: Working Women Just Want to be Dominated

Good news, ladies. Tired of being on the front lines in the War on Women? Newsweek just announced that what women really want to do is “surrender.”

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Reading the Photo of U.S. Troops Posing With Afghan Suicide Bomber Body Parts

Before The LA Times takes too much credit for putting forth two images (out of eighteen) of U.S. troops posing with body parts of Afghan suicide bombers, let's note that the only overt suicide bomber photo is hard to even make out.

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Photo April 18, 2012

Juvenile Incarceration From the Inside

What I find most stunning about this photo of a 12-year-old in his cell at the Harrison County Juvenile Detention Center in Mississippi is that the window has been boarded up from the outside.

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Photo April 17, 2012

The Hillary Meme Explained

If Hillary's the epitome of cool right now, the question is, why?

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The Young and the Bored: North Korean Censors Letting Their Guard Down?

Regarding the strict control over what wire photos get taken and moved, are we seeing a policy shift or are officials just distracted in the transition from one Kim to another?

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Breivik: Pay Attention

Believe it or not, there is actually a subtlety built into this photo of Breivik doing his sensational fascistic pose.

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