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Culture Focus Photo May 31, 2012

Breast of Times, Worst of Times: "Nursing in Uniform" Photos Draw Fire

Opposition to the breastfeeding service member epitomizes skepticism about women’s ability to be “real” soldiers and “real” women.

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TIME 2010 Person of the Year: Reevaluating Zuckerberg

In the light of Facebook's IPO PR disaster, I think it's interesting TIME felt compelled to take another look at the magazine's 2010 "Person of the Year" cover again.

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Campaign '12 Photo


Romney app spells trouble.

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Campaign '12 Photo May 30, 2012

The Two Certificates Together in One Place

A look at the Obama and Romney birth certificates side-by-side.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Romney Trumped

With all that management expertise, if the simple plan was to avoid any photo-ops ...

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Originals Photo May 29, 2012

Spicy Tuna, Giant Clam and Radiation Roll Revisted (Photo by Mario Tama)

With radioactive tuna now showing up on the West Coast, we thought this June 2001 photo by Mario Tama was worth a second look.

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Obama Reflects on the Fallen … and Vice Versa

Somehow, I doubt the White House communications people -- having ID'd their stylish picture -- stopped to think how much Obama reflects on the fallen so much their memory is used to reflect on him.

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Militarism Focus Photo May 27, 2012

War Enabling: Duckrabbit vs. Haviv and VII in a Larger Context

I agree that you don't work with arms contractors if you're a compassionate war photographer. But are there larger conclusions to be drawn here that allow us to build on duckrabbit's throw down in a more constructive way?

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Militarism Focus Photo May 26, 2012

Fleet Week: War Remains Godly

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 behind us and with the 9/11 wars phasing out, you might think it made sense to start pulling back the hardware and the glorification of killing.

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Campaign '12 Photo May 25, 2012

HuffPo Amps Up the Culture War

If this direct comparison of Obama with Jesus Christ doesn’t play to conservative invective, I don’t know what does.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Dogs and Driving: Romney Photo-Op of the Day

Note: As a semi-regular feature between now and the election, The Bag will be looking at the candidate's best shot of the day, and handing out grades.

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Photo May 24, 2012

Calling Dr. Freud: The Romney Mom TIME Cover

The more background imagery I see on Romney, the more it seems to cry out for psychoanalysis.

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Not in Bushland Anymore?

Is the War on Terror over? Not in Bushland anymore? The national flag of Tunisia makes an appearance at the Air Force Academy graduation.

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Campaign '12 Photo May 23, 2012

Obama + Souza + Football + NATO + Soldier Field + 2012

It's such a brilliant photo. We're on NATO's team but we're quarterbacking.

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Juxtaposition of the Day: The Modern Wedding

Two weddings, two wedding pictures taken at inopportune moments.

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Campaign '12 Photo May 22, 2012

America at the Crossroads: Team Rove Updates Harry and Louise

Is this the killer meme of the Republican campaign?

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Nina Berman Photo

Their Own Perimeter: Vets Discard Medals in Week's Most Poignant Moment. (Photos by Nina Berman from the NATO Summit.)

Although clashes between police and demonstrators led the news from Chicago, the main act Sunday was the massive protest march which saw members of Iraq Veterans Against the War throwing their medals away.

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Protest Focus Photo May 21, 2012

Chicago Riot Cops Defending Art Institute from the People? Now, That's Surreal.

I'm sure this photo of Chicago riot cops protecting the Art Institute of Chicago looks cool to some, but it couldn't be more blasphemous.

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