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President Obama Photo July 9, 2012

Obama "Betting On" America

This Obama slogan isn't really working for me.

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Advertising Watch Photo July 8, 2012

American Workers Broken and Angry… The Perfect Advertising Opportunity!

So, the hot trend in corporate advertising is to repurpose the "stress" and "sense of rebellion" American workers are feeling today ... for whatever reason??

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Political Psychology Photo July 7, 2012

Obama’s Shoulder

I do find the moment touching and believe Obama can be a comforting presence, but I think it doesn't come easy.

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Culture Focus Photo July 6, 2012

Astronaut in the Grass

Is the scene that surreal or does it have something to do with the fact I just saw the new Wes Anderson movie?

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Media Focus Photo July 5, 2012

The Future of Photojournalism — Robots?

And it goes straight to Instagram.

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Any Comparison Between Obama and Bush Fly-Overs Strictly … Iconic

Certainly a person is going to appear a lot more concerned and connected observing a catastrophe from what looks like his living room window.

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Disaster Focus Photo July 4, 2012

Hell’s Fire, the Air Force Stealth Chapel, and a More Cosmic Evil

If you’re looking for a visual representation of the End of Days, this image is as good as any.

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4th Of July, 2012 (and '63)

A fitting 4th of July photo given the nostalgia for Mayberry.

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Media Focus Photo July 3, 2012

GQ’s Porn Star Showcase: James Deen Meets Austin Powers

This GQ image by photographer Danielle Levitt caught my eye for the way it tries hyping a porn star to the mainstream.

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Media Focus Photo

Not Your Everyday Hoop-la

Olympic marketing permeates the culture.

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Culture Focus Photo July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper: "The Fact Is, I'm Gay." (Now, Fire Tank!)

Given Cooper's news, why is it that The Dish chose to illustrate it with the most heroic, the most stereotypically manly and (given the erect cannon, and the placement and location of the video camera) the most phallic power-pics they could find.

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A Few Words About Joe Klamar's Viral (and "Obviously Terrible") Olympic Portraits

Whether the picture subverts the background, the composition, the lighting or the athlete's expression, what at least a handful of Klamar's photos "accomplish" is to slight the plasticized image of the Olympic athlete perpetuated throughout the quadrennial media and advertising orgy.

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International Focus Photo July 1, 2012

Official Photos from Egypt as Scenes From the Chess Game

Given the transparency of the Egyptian power struggle, official government photos offer a record of the posturing more than anything else.

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