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International Focus Photo August 23, 2012

Kim Jong Un Drops By

Having a healthy respect for cross-cultural differences, my inclination here is to not to trust my typical response.

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Photo August 22, 2012

Todd Akin's Right-Wing Science

If Congress had a committee on stupidity, we know who would be this week’s nominee to chair it.

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Campaign '12 Photo August 21, 2012


What's so compelling about the photo is how it puts Ryan and Akin together in a collaborative mode.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Akin Nothing if fil-A Controversy

Having chalked up his "legitimate rape" bomb to having misspoken, these photos suggest perhaps a different agenda.

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Campaign '12 Photo August 20, 2012

Some Akin Photos a Little Closer to Home

These photos of Todd Akin puts his views about women, rape and abortion into more personal terms.

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Patient Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Important Photo from Inside the Mayo Clinic

Jackson's photo-op completely upends the ubiquitous practice of the public figure being secluded away at a facility like Mayo or Betty Ford.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Ryan and Medicare: Willard at the Drawing Board

If you step back and look at it, aren't the photos saying that the addition of Ryan has put Romney in a situation where, as opposed to focusing on Obama, he's now got a whole lot more explaining (and number crunching) to do?

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Campaign '12 Photo August 19, 2012

Ryan/Romney One Week Out: Anchors A Weigh

Given the absence of military experience and the fact that Romney and Ryan are far prettier than they are foreboding, the phallic nature of the image setting up a potency that the team not only can't match, but isn't even about.

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Photo August 18, 2012

Obama the Subservient Revisited

Given Mitt Romney's disastrous foreign tour at the start of the Olympics, photos from Obama's foreign visits feel like a visual walk in the park. It's noticeable that the right has yet to trot out photos of Obama's deference to the diplomatic moment in their defense of Mitt Romney's...

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Photo August 17, 2012

Retail Revisited: Romney, Ryan at the Sandwich Shop

Did Romney and Ryan seal the deal last Spring while working the counter before the Wisconsin Primary? In this post from April 4th, we considered both the chemistry and the retail politics of Romney-Ryan.

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Photo August 16, 2012

Gravitas Revisited: When Obama Became Acting President

Looking back at Campaign '08, photo after photo showed Obama looking presidential, even inevitable in the contest with McCain. Today, despite the fact the country is still in that ditch, the pictures don't necessary support the attack line that Obama is failing at the job.

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Photo August 15, 2012

Palin Re-Re-Revisited: Proud to be Trash (But Not Trashed)

If the Ryan VP pick satisfied the party's intellectual base, should the GOP ignore the queen of its emotional base by refusing to have her speak at the upcoming RNC convention? Will she comply or will she speak to her supporters in a Tampa parking lot? In a "base-rallying"...

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Photo August 14, 2012

Campaign Narratives Revisited: GOP "Handicapped"

We’re thinking now that the early campaign narrative remains pretty much intact: Obama vs. the Seven Dwarfs.

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Photo August 13, 2012

"Team of Rivals" Revisited: Hillary for Joe

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President takes us down memory lane to revisit the so-called Hillary for Joe swap that became the cornerstone of Obama's "Team of Rivals" cabinet.

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Photo August 11, 2012

Obama Budget Politics Revisited: Target Ryan

This photo serves as a major cautionary note and a reminder to the Romney campaign of the high risk involved in casting their lot with the Ryan plan. It's hard to believe the President isn't looking forward to the Fall having already thrashed the plan with the Congressman sitting...

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Campaign '12 Photo August 10, 2012

Georgetown Revisited: Ryan Looks to the Heavens

What's interesting about the lobbying for Ryan for the second slot has been the need and desire to graft a real political philosophy onto the otherwise shape-shifting Romney.

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Images of Curiosity

Also suggestive, of course, about the photo is its allusion to the California dream

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Race Focus Photo August 9, 2012

Your Turn: That "Terrorist Mural" in Boston

With hate crime and the topic of Islam and fear-mongering rising up in the news cycle lately, I'm not sure if you've seen this.

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