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Culture Focus Photo June 29, 2013

Bert and Ernie Gay (and Illustrators DOA) in Cutest Fail of Historic Week

It's a thoroughly creative combination like this which makes fireworks go off in the brain. In this case though, the winner is primarily the illustrator for hitting it out of the park for cleverness and cuteness, not the magazine for framing the movement or the Supreme's decision in any...

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo June 27, 2013

Leica Video Ad: War Photography Like it Was Yesterday

War is eternal and war photography is (still) the bastion of virile men destined for death.

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Wendy Davis and the Texas Abortion Filibuster – Lasting Images

As for Wendy Davis and the filibuster, the visuals from the drama in the Texas State Legislature the other night represent a wellspring.

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Culture Focus Photo June 26, 2013

The SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Rulings: Closure

That's not just what the Court delivered, it's what the images speak to.

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Eco Watch Photo June 25, 2013

James Whitlow Delano – Second Dispatch: As the Rainforest Goes, So Go the Batek?

I was mingling with one of the oldest tribes of humanity and they may vanish before most of the human family even know that they had ever existed at all. It may sound heady, but I am honestly trying to do my part to prevent this from happening.

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Media Focus Photo

Brazil and Turkey: If it Bleeds, it Leads

What I can say is that, in spite of the violent spasms on the streets, it would be shortsighted to simply lump Rousseff and Erdogan, Brazil and Turkey into the same tear gas canister.

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Alan Chin Photo June 24, 2013

The Further Invisible Adventures of Edward Snowden

But it's Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas who point out in the Washington Post that the lurid aspects of Snowden's invisible adventures actually detract from the importance of his disclosures, that covering his personal ordeal "has even neutralized journalistic resources that could’ve been devoted to the larger NSA stories...

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Deen's Savannah Kitchen: Lunch Boycott or Still Frying High?

Here's something you don't see every day. Two news stories describing the same scene in the same place, both backed up with photos, but attesting to something completely opposite.

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Eco Watch Photo June 22, 2013

Singapore: Eco Apocalypse Pics of the Week

These are two of the newswire photos from the intense pollution in Singapore capturing the "haves" doing their usual "while Rome burns."

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Culture Focus Photo June 21, 2013

Photojournalism and Culture as Famously Banal: Remembering James Gandolfini

What I found hollow and gnawing (like a president had died, or at least a Michael Jackson) was the shock and sentiment on local radio and television over the passing of the actor who played Tony Soprano.

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Protest Focus Photo June 20, 2013

Striking Protest Images from Brasilia’s National Congress: the People on Top For a Change?

How meaningful is it to see the bodies of protesters against the skin of this iconic structure? Is it just fanciful or cool, or can we take it as citizens in these developing countries acquiring a truly larger profile?

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Advertising Watch Photo June 19, 2013

Protest, Suicide, Guns & Terrorism: All The Fashion

The corporate state, by way of its Mad Men and women, has the perfect answer for populist discontent or unprofitable social ills that start bucking for attention: appropriate and glamorize.

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Protest Focus Photo June 17, 2013

Robert Hariman On Daniel Etter's Viral Taksim Square Protest Photo

Neither quite color nor black and white, it seems to create a dimension halfway between documentary reportage and artistic reflection.

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9/11 Photo

You Too Can Become an Insta-War Photographer in Syria – GRAPHIC

This piece glorifies the "Bevis and Butthead" idea that any couple of fools can have a harrowing experience like this and live to (sell it to VICE and) tell the world about it.

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Media Focus Photo June 15, 2013

Love Amidst the Tear Gas

After the hubbub over "Riot Kiss," I'm not sure how to account for this.

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Photo June 13, 2013

Look3 Festival: Carrie Mae Weems

As alluring as that photo above from the Kitchen Table series is -- all the intimacy taking place in that gaze between she and us -- what most caught my attention (as much because it came and went so quickly) was this image Weems created as part of her...

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Terror Focus Photo June 12, 2013

The Santa Monica School Rampage: Post-Newtown, Been There, Done That?

The media treatment of the shooting on Friday at Santa Monica College was mostly noteworthy for its mundanity.

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Issues With Corporate Responsibility? Celebritize!

Talk about a disconnect between words and pictures. I thought I was looking at photos from the Academy Awards or the Grammys – not celebrity wallpaper from the otherwise troubled Walmart annual meeting in Fayetteville.

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