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Scandal Focus Photo June 11, 2013

Edward Snowden the Invisible

how is it possible that almost three full internet days have gone by without a single photo of Snowden showing up online (outside of the images captured by the Guardian in a Hong Kong hotel room)?

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Alan Chin Photo June 10, 2013

The Picture of Edward Snowden

So his self-knowledge here, his considered and articulate speech, the stunning power of the documents he released, all these elements make Snowden fascinating. It won't hurt him that he is white, young, good-looking, and straight. No geeky gay Bradley Manning. No hippie possible sexual predator and confirmed player, Julian...

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The Surveillance Society: Show Me the Pictures

Certainly, the revelations of the past week have ramifications that will reverberate for some time along many moral and cultural channels. For photographers and photojournalism, it should be nothing short of a call to action.

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International Focus Photo June 8, 2013

Turkey in a Whirl

On the surface, I see citizens honoring cultural tradition in the face of a government attempting to impose its will and ideological agenda.

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Media Focus Photo June 7, 2013

Icons, Memes and the Hair-Raising Turkish "Lady in Red"

Just to reiterate: the woman is clearly heroic, but not -- at least, in the frame that went viral -- because what is happening is so straight-forward to read. The power of the image may be primarily derived through political horror, but not without some ambiguity and curiosity as...

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International Focus Photo June 6, 2013

The Gorgeous TIME Ai WeiWei China Cover

Doesn't this artful expression represent, more than anything, how much the U.S. relationship with China is crying out for real craft and imagination?

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Militarism Focus Photo June 5, 2013

The Big Deal Surrounding Bradley Manning

What the number and (relative) size of the security detail suggests about the high-profile military prosecution.

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Justin Maxon Does Rahm, Chi-Town, Fairey

Is it possible the current mini-surge to turn Chicago into America's poster child for urban violence and disappointment has something to do with its renowned resident, and the HOPE balloon losing most of its helium?

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International Focus Photo June 4, 2013

Why I Like Guy Martin's Gezi Park Photos

The pictures are notable for what they're not. Not sensational. Not glorifying the violence. Could the photo world be approach a tipping point in terms of sensation, aesthetics and the combination?

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 3, 2013

Rita Leistner: Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan

So this photo is one of the first I ever shot on a phone cam of any kind, and on the iPhone Hipstamatic app in particular. Already I could feel I was photographing a memory that wasn’t a memory I actually had.

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TIME Gitmo Photo Story: Tell Me You Didn't, Eugene

Given the military censorship and the heinous situation surrounding the ongoing mass hunger strike and force-feeding of prisoners, it's troubling this photo-story would just pass into the ether.

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International Focus Photo June 2, 2013

Uprising Pictures from Turkey: Going All In with the Gas

Tear gas has become an increasingly visible staple of domestic control. From the pictures distributed by newswire and social media though, these Turkish gassings seem to rise to a new level.

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Photo June 1, 2013

Brazil: The Man

On it's face, it's a preview of the security being put in place for the World Cup and Olympics.

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