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BAGannouncements Photo December 31, 2013

Going Out Smiling

True health and sanity depends on two things: perspective and a sense of humor. How fitting this hit the radar today.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo December 30, 2013

News Photography: The Year of the Selfie, Too

If "the selfie" was the dominant theme this year in social media and personal photography, I would argue that the theme of "self absorption" (or, "the absorption of self") applied as much to news photography.

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Photo December 23, 2013

The BagNews Best 13 Posts of 2013

2013, by all measures, was a year of milestones here at BagNews. We hope you'll commit some time to absorb this work and return more than once to share your thoughts.

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President Obama Photo December 21, 2013

History, Holiday Cards and that Obama "Visual Propaganda" Machine

Before Souza (the White House, Flickr and Instagram edition), before Callie Shell and before Obama was running for President, the Obamas were exhibiting some very sophisticated moves, and product, when it came to photography and photojournalism.

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Business Focus Photo December 20, 2013

Reading the Jamie Dimon Holiday Card: Let the Wild Rumpus Re-Start

After settling all civil and criminal charges with the Justice Department last month for $13 billion, it's back to fun and games.

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Politics Photo December 18, 2013

Photo Ops and Staging: Beyond White House Access, the Larger Issue is What We Have Access To

The current antagonism between photographers and the White House needs to be broadened beyond the simple question of access. It is time to look at the bigger picture, and make the photo-op as much the subject, so we have a visual record of how events and issues are...

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Terror Focus Photo December 17, 2013

She is Seeing Terror. You are Seeing Terror. We Will Continue to See Terror.

The narrow aperture is as salient as the face behind it, while the blinds on each side make a thick frame designed to obscure. The message is clear: what you see through the aperture of the camera is not the whole picture.

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Gun Violence Photo

Arapahoe and Sandy Hook School Shootings: That Was Then, This is … Still Then?

We were horrified to hear of a school shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, just one day before the one year mark of the Sandy Hook shootings.

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Media Focus Photo December 16, 2013

The BagNews Top 10 News Photos of 2013

BagNews offers its top 10 news photos of the year. Featuring the work of Todd Heisler, Charles Dharapak, Paul Hansen, Chip Somodevilla, Charles Dharapak, Thomas Rassloff, Jonathan Ernst, Pete Souza and Jason Reed.

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International Focus Photo December 14, 2013

Portraits of the Year

Some girls can rise to international fame and brand status while, for others....

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Media Focus Photo December 13, 2013

As Press Battles WH Over Photo Access, Did Media Cross its Own Line Publishing Obama/Bush Mandela Trip Pictures?

What's the point of major media companies challenging the release of exclusive photos by the White House when many of these companies, not three weeks later, just turn around and publish those photos?

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Eco Watch Photo December 12, 2013

James Whitlow Delano – Fourth Dispatch: My Odyssey to Learn What Gold Wreaked on Suriname

In this longread and photojournal for BagNews Originals, photographer James Whitlow Delano chronicles the influx of foreigners, the ecological toxification and the adverse cultural effects of intensive mining in Suriname.

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Media Focus Photo December 11, 2013

A TIME Person of the Year We Were Never Going to See

How much is it about person vs. personality?

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Alongside the Grace and Poetry of the Mandela Memorial Tribute, a Mirror of Our Lesser Selves

If a profound delineation would have ever emerged between tabloid culture and our highest nature, yesterday would have been that day.

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International Focus Photo December 10, 2013

The Politics of Nostalgia: The Mandela Fist

It's interesting how the flood of memorial portraits in the West marginalize or soft-peddle, but also get stuck on Mandela's ferocity and engagement with the tool of violence.

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Advertising Watch Photo December 8, 2013

Holiday Inc: From Louis Vuitton's Red Square to Amex's Obama-Powered Small Business Saturday

Maybe Amex's use of the Obama newswire image is fair game because the company birthed a quasi-official shopping holiday that stealthily interweaves its interests with the patriotic credo to go shopping?

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International Focus Photo December 7, 2013

A Picture of Poverty Tourism that Still Means Business

Far too often, photojournalists take pictures that support commercial, rather than journalistic, interests. Instead, a photojournalist should go for another angle that presents the hypocrisy.

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Photo December 6, 2013

Reading the Tribute Photos: Mandela's Masterful Body Language

How effective was Mandela as a craftsman in social space? Well, let's take a look.

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