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Business Focus Photo March 31, 2015

Lunch Break, Or Worse

In these Chinese industrial towns, perhaps a little shut eye, a little shade and a little cardboard adds up to something completely practical.

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The Anti-ISIS "Coalition" and the Fiction of One Iraq: The Flags Tell You All You Need To Know

You can read any number of articles describing how Iraq and its military is a fiction. But the reality is fluttering right there in the wind.

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Eco Watch Photo March 29, 2015

Girl With Scarf — or a Mutation?

I just can't help seeing a second face in the picture.

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Business Focus Photo March 28, 2015

Photojournalism and Public Trauma: Safe Travels

If we can't even trust our own pilots, is there anyone or anything left that we can depend on to assure our safe travels?

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Eco Watch Photo March 26, 2015

Waves Like Mountains: Viral Nature Photos in the Age of Climate Change

The article explains the power and interest in these pictures in terms of their ability to capture the "raw, majestic, natural power of the sea.” But, could there be more at play here?

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Campaign '16 Photo

Hillary Emoji

The storyline out of the gate is overexposure.

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Militarism Focus Photo March 25, 2015

Military Photo Awards: Taking Some Ownership on Domestic Violence

One glance is enough to appreciate the photo as tacit acknowledgement of the military’s rampant sexual harassment and abuse problems.

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Media Focus Photo March 24, 2015

Obama at the Science Fair

It’s an indication of Obama’s self-assuredness that he tried out the goods in front of a room-full of news photographers at this year’s White House Science Fair.

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Campaign '16 Photo

High Hopes for '16 Optics … as we Launch by Cruz

Knowing that photographers and the public are expecting more creativity, more storytelling and more editorializing out of their news photography these days, I'm hopeful Campaign '16 will allow for visual reveals.

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International Focus Photo March 23, 2015

On Der Spiegel's Jolly “Angela Merkel and the 7 Nazis” Cover

What’s going on, if you ask me, is the use of exaggeration and a bit of mockery to minimize the Greeks.

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War & Militarism Photo March 20, 2015

Meta of the Military Photography Awards: You’re Either Flying High or Laid Low

While these two photographs aren't the only ones recognized as award winners, their place at the top does offer some insight into a limited range of human experience.

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Gender & Identity Photo March 18, 2015

Ball Gowns and Boots: On the Rebel Fighters’ Beauty Pageant in Donetsk

As fighting continues to rage in portions of Donetsk, Russian-backed rebel fighters recently took time out of their busy schedules to honor International Women’s Day by . . . staging a beauty pageant.

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Ferguson MO Photo March 17, 2015

How We Look at the Black Man Who May or May Not Have Been Shooting at Two Officers in Ferguson

One would hope that editors would understand the moral and political liability of framing Williams as a protester, tainting the rallies and protests in Ferguson by suggesting the shooting of the officers was intentional, retaliatory or racially-motivated.

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International Focus Photo March 16, 2015

Israel: Election Landscape

There is a mountain of imagery on the newswire right now on the impending Israeli election. This, though, seems to strike the perfect note of irony.

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John Lucaites Photo March 15, 2015

Jewelry to Die For

Accessorizing at the “fashion and firearms extravaganza.”

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Looking For Holes in the Marathon Bomber's Story

Considering the high stakes when it comes to terrorism and the law, you can understand why the Feds want to make sure there aren't any holes in their story.

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Campaign '16 Photo March 12, 2015

Horns Are The Least Of It: Quick Takes On The New TIME Hillary Cover

Of course, if you want to avoid the silhouette altogether....

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Originals Photo March 11, 2015

Light Over Time: Picturing Appalachia — by Roger May

Light’s early Appalachia work is important in that it was intended to shed light on labor corruption and poor working conditions of miners in the region. My work in general is not about reacting to political unrest, but rather waiting, looking, listening to quieter moments while not shying away...

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