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Faith Focus Photo September 30, 2015

Hippie Bashing: New Photos at TIME Keep New Age on the Fringe

Perhaps a threat to consumer culture, these new photos at TIME ridicule yoga, mediation and spiritual practices, framing them as still somehow “far out."

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President Obama Photo September 28, 2015

Our Favorite Obama – Putin UN “War of the Rosés” Picture

While most media highlighted more manly-man U.S.-Russia stand-off pics from the Secretary-General’s UN luncheon, we’re voting for this as our #1.

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Faith Focus Photo

On that Photo of the Pope and a Prisoner Holding Hands in Philadelphia

Condensing his visit to one powerful scene, the photo captures Pope Francis's challenge to America and its uncompromising political class to reach out.

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Faith Focus Photo

The Pope’s US Trip as it Touched on Race

Although the Pope typically addresses injustice in the context of class, his concern over racial strife was implicit in those key quotations from MLK.

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Culture Focus Photo September 25, 2015

The Pope’s Congressional Override

What was straight out of a parallel universe was the way our senior legislators, the polarized of the polarized, reacted to the Pope's confrontation in a completely apolitical way.

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Christa Olson Photo September 24, 2015

From D.C., and The Atlantic / Echosight Project: Mashing the American Dream

In this complex photograph, we see threads of American exceptionalism as well as reaching on the Washington Mall.

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Faith Focus Photo September 23, 2015

Pope in America: It’s Showtime!

Poverty? Racial tolerance? Social Justice? For the media over the next few days, it’s Hollywood, baby.

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Culture Focus Photo September 22, 2015

What Lesson Suspending Kids for Wearing Confederate Flag?

Does the suspension of Christiansburg, Virginia teenagers actually undermine academic discipline and miss a perfect teaching moment?

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War & Militarism Photo September 20, 2015

News Photos as Military Promo: Prepping for the Next Good War?

This New York Times photo feature is less about military propaganda than it is about selling the next "good war."

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Campaign '16 Photo September 17, 2015

Nate Silver Closes the Curtain on Hillary

Since the aim is to challenge the news narrative framing Clinton, the choice to lead with this photo is both puzzling and problematic.

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Campaign '16 Photo

The GOP’s Reagan Library Debate With the Sound Off

Our read on the visual highlights of the presidential debate, including the Donald - Jeb, Donald - Carly and just The Donald show.

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International Focus Photo September 16, 2015

Migrant Optics: Targeting Hungary (and Conjuring the Dark Evil of WWII)

Has Hungary become the visual fall guy for a crisis with no good humanitarian answer?

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo September 15, 2015

Geekfest, and the Blurry Lines Between Commercial, Documentary and News Photography

I have to say that, up until the past year or so, I wasn’t seeing a whole lot of news photos that were this lush.

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Culture Focus Photo September 14, 2015

Past the Reminders: The Life-Threatening NFL

We’re way past the point where an image like this simply serves as a reminder of the problem.

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9/11 Photo September 11, 2015

On 9/11: A New Ground Zero Photo. Five Kids on Bikes.

This remarkable photo, taken 9/12/01, is even more interesting appearing in a year wracked by racial protest and the emergence of #blacklivesmatter.

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Great Migration Photo from Hungary: Taking Flight

Seriously, this might be the most surreal photo of the great migration.

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International Focus Photo September 10, 2015

Simply Transcendent: Bar Palestine Balances Despair and Dignity in Gaza

The achievement here is how the group can take this mindlessly oppressive rubble world and reduce it to pure geometry.

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International Focus Photo September 9, 2015

Migrant Optics: Taking it to Hungary

For its story value, the photo might as well be a movie treatment — the migrant cast as its dramatic hero.

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