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Campaign '16 Photo November 30, 2015

Trump & Dumbo — Rejoicing in the Anti-Intellectual

Being politically incorrect and boasting about it is understood in Trump's world as integrity. That’s why the parallel to Dumbo is not an accident.

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Faith Focus Photo November 29, 2015

On the Planned Parenthood Shooter Mugshot and Today’s News Portrait

If only the tendency to treat every face like a story led to real evidence.

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International Focus Photo November 27, 2015

The Latest Terror Attack and a 19th Century Painting

I doubt that the photographer was thinking of Caillebotte’s work when snapping the photo in Brussels, but the connection is there in several ways.

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International Focus Photo November 26, 2015


On Thanksgiving, it's worth appreciating the president's moral bearings when it comes to the worldwide refugee crisis.

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Protest Focus Photo November 25, 2015

That Photo of the Officer at the Laquan McDonald Protest Last Night

Ultimately, what’s significant about the photo is its S&M vibe.

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International Focus Photo November 23, 2015

From Russia With Love: Pounding Syria in the Name of Paris

Given how the Russians are using the fight against ISIS to distract from its support for Assad, the phrase on the bomb can be ambiguous.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Trump’s Praise for Protester Pummeling: Even FOX Hosts Stung

There could be a whole collection, in the Library of Congress perhaps, capturing true emotional reactions before the audience slipped back into passive assent or just on-camera cool.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 20, 2015

Tell Us What You Really Think About Carson

To the extent people see Carson punching above his weight class, what are viewers likely to make of this?

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International Focus Photo November 19, 2015

Less Than a Day Later, a Paris All-Too-Normal. (Photo: Alex Majoli)

If it’s primarily about Parisians reclaiming their cafe life and affirming their resilience, I wonder if the photo isn’t more provocative than that.

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On Charlie Hebdo’s (Latest) Paris Attack Response

If it’s about the latest attack on Paris, it seems to say as much, or more, about the last one.

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Faith Focus Photo

Who’s French Now? The Most Political, and Poignant Aftermath Photos from the Paris Attack.

If the attack changed the way France sees its Muslims, its foreign born and even non-whites, how did that inform the immediate imagery?

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International Focus Photo November 18, 2015

From Guerrilla to Boy Band: The Paris Ringleader and ISIS Photo Tactics

The discrepant photos of Abdelhamid not only demonstrate their marketing prowess, but how easily ISIS can tweak the west.

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illustration Photo November 16, 2015

Eiffel Tower Peace Sign: Branding or Love Call (if for Impending Security State)?

The effort to stop a ruthless tyranny can lead to a state where the Paris of today is only a memory.

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International Focus Photo November 15, 2015

Paris, Beirut

The visual dichotomy of two ISIS attacks, one day apart.

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Campaign '16 Photo November 12, 2015

We Can Now Safely Say it’s the Weirdest Presidential Campaign Ever

Politicians aren’t born, they’re collaged. Thoughts on Jeff Jacobson's odd Rubio photo from New Hampshire.

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War/No War. Reading Spencer Platt’s NY Veterans Day Parade Photos

These photos surface uncomfortable realities about an America (still) at war.

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Media Focus Photo November 10, 2015

Telltale Screenshots from U. of Missouri

I offer these screen shots for the way they speak to the complicated mess surrounding visual access and photo coverage of news events today.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Ben Carson on the Bubble: Scott Olson’s “Red Light” Photo from Iowa

If Carson continues to insist that he’s beyond reproach, you can already sense how many faces in the audience he’s going to alienate.

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