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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo April 29, 2016

FARC, Eco Throes, Obama VR: Our Twitter/Instagram Weekly Favs

From Chernobyl to Earth Day to women up in the air in the presidential campaign, we focus on long term social and environmental problems and a couple of key political photos.

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Politics Photo April 28, 2016

Thank You Jesus For Lord President Trump

To observe the disconnect between Trump and evangelicals, illustrations are not hard to find.

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International Focus Photo April 27, 2016

How A Confederate Flag Can Be Meaningless

How is it that the Confederate flag symbol could leave people ... feeling nothing?

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illustration Photo April 25, 2016

Photography as Language. Or, What’s Wet, Purple & Falls from the Sky?

In these examples, we’re looking at news images as an interesting shorthand for words.

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Campaign '16 Photo April 24, 2016

Trump Signals

Trump uses that thumb and index finger together all the time

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo April 22, 2016

Games of all Sorts: Our Instagram / Twitter Favs of the Week

Our visual attention this week ranged from pro basketball and hockey, to the New York primary, to the games of campaign finance and even more royal people watching.

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Leibovitz and the Queen on her 90th: Monarchy & Marketing

The stunning photos of Queen Elizabeth you're seeing this week are hardly agenda-free.

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Campaign '16 Photo April 19, 2016

New York Primary ’16: Our Top Pix

As Campaign '16 bids farewell to the Empire State, Trump and Clinton re-energized, here are our top seven pictures.

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Campaign '16 Photo April 18, 2016

New York Primary: Hillary Parsing the Cheesecake

Thumbs up to photographer Hilary Swift for this Instagram projective from Junior's.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo April 17, 2016

The Cinematic: Our Twitter / Instagram Favs of the Week

If Instagram pulls for more artful and cinematic news photos, we tried this week to put words to the attraction.

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President Obama Photo April 15, 2016

On That Bubbly Obama Science Fair Photo

Given the atmosphere, it's no surprise why this White House Science Fair photo is so much fun.

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Campaign '16 Photo April 13, 2016

Campaign Pix Turning Bitter?

As this campaign wears on, are the picture taking on a derogatory tone?

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Campaign '16 Photo April 10, 2016

Campaign ’16: Why Aren’t Voters the Rock Stars?

Are we, the American people, the focus of the campaign only in our own minds (and viewfinders)? In the face of the candidates, what about us?

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo April 8, 2016

Popcorn Ted, Panama & Bunnies: Our Twitter / Instagram Favs of the Week

In our weekly Twitter / Instagram Roundup, Cruz goes to the movies, there's "all that Panama" hiding in plain sight ... and don't forget the bunnies.

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Disaster Focus Photo April 6, 2016

No One Thinking About Nuclear Summit? Listen to the Ruins.

The nuclear summit was important–unless, that is, you don’t mind having Your Town looking like this.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Is Campaign ’16 a “No Win” Exercise? Two Back to Back Photos.

Is there a greater symbolism to this rear view pairing of Clinton and Trump? Perhaps there is only so much people can face.

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Christa Olson Photo April 3, 2016

Abortion and Breastfeeding: Both Part of the Ordinary Life of Ordinary Women

Reviewing these photographs while feeding my own newborn, I am reminded that reproductive rights are a crucial part of women balancing work and family.

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Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Our Weekly Twitter / Instagram Roundup

On Twitter and Instagram this week, we focused on pictures emphasizing the basic elements of existence.

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