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Jake Romm Photo February 28, 2017

The Woman in Red: A Town Hall Protest Photo Deconstructed

What empowers a protest photo?

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Culture Focus Photo February 27, 2017

Oscars Screw Up: The New Not Normal

The big question, after this impressive fail, is whether topsy-turvy is running away with us.

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Protest Focus Photo February 25, 2017

Trump In La La Land: Our Social Media Roundup

Amidst the town hall jigs, the climate change la de da and Trump's Ali shuffle, don't miss the Day Without Immigrants pirouette.

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Eco Watch Photo February 23, 2017

Getting Above the Chaos: Science, Photography, and Beauty

The world can seem lost to white noise and alternative facts, lurid emotions and garish displays of moral ugliness. Which may be why I find these images from the Observatory in Chile to be so comforting.

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Politics Photo

How Much is Barron Trump Off-limits? A Risky News Photo Award

Given the media blackout on children of the president, how far can we go in analyzing this now acclaimed piece of journalism?

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Race Focus Photo February 21, 2017

On Tokenism, and Trump’s Jewish Make-Up Photo at the African American Museum

Trump turns this moment -- and the African American Museum of History and Culture itself -- into the same thing it converts every shred of real estate into.

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Trump Photo February 19, 2017

Boy with Hand Grenade: Our Social Media Roundup

One month into the Trump administration, the forecast is for more explosiveness.

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Christa Olson Photo February 17, 2017

The Size Epidemic. It’s Not Just Trump.

President Trump is not the only one who has turned to magnitude in order to visualize the meaning, purpose, and effects of his presidency.

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Culture Focus Photo February 15, 2017

Overshadowed by his Photo: The Afterlives of Omran Daqneesh

Omran's suffering essentially disappeared at the very moment the image of it became visible.

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International Focus Photo February 13, 2017

Crisis Follies: Trump’s N. Korea Missile Dinner

The photo demonstrates Trump's conflict between country club owner and Commander-in-Chief. The dreamy look during a potential world crisis is quite damning.

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Militarism Photo February 10, 2017

Black Soldiers as White House Props, Once Again

I predict a steady diet of pictures like this one as the White House panders along.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo February 8, 2017

Warren’s Rebuke and the DC Alpha Males

Yesterday's events were not about gender. Except for the fact that the actions and images were so testosterone-laced.

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Advertising Watch Photo February 5, 2017

Donald Meets Mad Ave in the First Trump Super Bowl

More and more, corporations are coming to understand how much prosperity is tied to the health and humanism of our society.

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Media Focus Photo February 2, 2017

Viewing Trump’s Ugly Call With Australia’s Prime Minister

The photos give us a further sense of Trump, the bully. But they also indicate how much information is left to our imagination.

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