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International Focus Photo May 29, 2017

Love to Damocles: Our Trump First Foreign Trip Grand Tour

If Trump's first foreign trip was successful in any way, it was only in its Groucho notes and the respite from the Russian tornado back home.

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International Focus Photo May 26, 2017

Beyond Manchester: A Typical Terror-Filled Monday

Perhaps the most insidious impact of the attack on Manchester is the narrowing of western attention.

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Politics Photo May 21, 2017

Saudis Up First: Trump With Extra Butter

One the first leg of Trump’s first international trip, the Saudis completely outdid themselves patronizing the patronizable.

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Trump Photo May 20, 2017

Trump Jumps Shark: Our Weekly Social Media Roundup

Looking back at our Twitter feed this week, we were drawn to Trump's reality gap and the photographic embrace of every "not normal" telegraph.

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War & Militarism Photo May 17, 2017

Beyond Compassion: On Photos of Syrian Photographer Rescuing Child

Visual evidence of Aleppo's horrors has not produced compassion fatigue but doubt in the ability to intervene. That is what the rescue photos demonstrate.

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Scandal Focus Photo May 16, 2017

Trump, The Leak and What I Missed in the Russian White House Photos the First Time

Surprised Trump leaked secrets to the Russians? Well, in the photos that circulated most widely last week, it is hard to tell they had a meeting.

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Media Focus Photo May 13, 2017

Burning Through the Teflon: Social Media of the Week

We were seeing scenes of clear ineptitude and stress from the White House this week, pictures of real political damage (and ammunition for opponents down the road).

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Media Focus Photo May 11, 2017

Russian Oval Office Pix: Team Trump Done in by “Dual Hatter”

Absurdly, the White House never saw a threat in the Russian Oval Office photos.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo May 9, 2017

Combat Photographer’s Last Photo a Resounding Media Failure

The rush to publish a combat photographer’s last photo led to a fundamental lack of context and a widespread, culturally tone-deaf photo editing failure.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo May 6, 2017

Mixed Messages: Our Best Social Media This Week

France, Trump, North Korea, the border. A picture’s worth a thousand questions.

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International Focus Photo May 5, 2017

At Trump’s Invitation: Revisiting Pulitzer-Winning Philippine Drug War Photos

When Daniel Berehulak's Philippine drug war photos won a Pulitzer last month, what was also on my mind was how they related to the homefront.

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Trump Photo May 3, 2017

Trump, King and What’s in an Overcoat?

Too often, it's that simple thing right in front of your eyes that gets completely overlooked, even if it has plenty to say.

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