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Trump Photo October 27, 2017

Throwing Russian Flags at Trump

Maybe the Trump flag attack would have been more effective six months ago when the Russia story still dominated the news. Otherwise, all it hit was teflon.

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Media Focus Photo October 23, 2017

Looking at Trump and Kelly at Arlington Cemetery

Why the New York Times published the photo it did of Trump and Kelly visiting the General's son's grave.

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BAGannouncements Photo October 18, 2017

Michael Shaw Wins the Eugene Smith Fund’s Chapnick Grant

We are pleased to announce that Michael Shaw has been awarded the Eugene Smith Memorial Fund's Chapnick grant on behalf of Reading the Pictures.

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Disaster Focus Photo October 16, 2017

Has Climate Change Killed the California Dream?

California is used to the edge. With the multi-year drought and now these firestorms, however, I'm wondering if climate change has tipped the scale.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo October 14, 2017

Wildfire, White House, Weinstein & More: Our Roundup of the Week

Another week, another conflagration. Next week, we’re praying for fire containment in California, more power and water in Puerto Rico, and no new disasters.

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Rebecca Adelman Photo October 10, 2017

On that Rohingya Woman in a Basket

In another instance, a woman fit into a too-small basket might be a visual joke. In this case though, carrying something is a larger communicative act.

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Disaster Focus Photo October 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Catalonia: Our Roundup of the Week

Hurricanes, earthquakes, the threat of nuclear war. Just when you thought another cataclysm couldn't possibly happen, the Las Vegas massacre happened.

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Terror Focus Photo October 6, 2017

Nick Oza’s Haunting Photo from Inside the Mandalay Hotel

The image channels every photo we've seen of the Mandalay Hotel's exterior since the attack.

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Gun Violence Photo

On that Photo of Air Force One Passing the Scene of the Vegas Massacre

Putting Air Force One and the stricken hotel together as objects demands the consideration of one in terms of the other.

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Gun Violence Photo October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Photos: What’s Different This Time

What makes the photos from Las Vegas different than those of previous gun massacres? The politics are baked in this time.

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President Obama Photo October 1, 2017

Reading the Pictures Salon: Michael Shaw and Pete Souza in Conversation at Photoville ’17

Watch Michael Shaw and Pete Souza discuss key Obama photos at Photoville 2017 before the start of Pete's national book tour.

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