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Photo December 30, 2018

Our Top Instagram Posts of the Year

As we flip the page to 2019, we wanted to share our favorite posts from our Instagram feed this year.

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Christa Olson Photo December 29, 2018

Slow Violence, Slow Photography: Chris Gregory’s Portrait of Puerto Rico after Maria

How do you photograph systemic failure? Chris Gregory's Puerto Rico portrait does it through juxtaposition, capturing natural calamity and colonial neglect, both fast and slow.

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War & Militarism Video December 20, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: Yemen Starvation Photos, Gaza Slingshot, Black Lives Matter Kid in a Tree

This week, Chatting the Pictures, our 20-minute webcast analyzing news photos, looks at key pictures of the year from Yemen, Gaza, and Washington D.C.

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Video December 13, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: Yellow Vest Uprising; Through the Border Wall; Oval Office Showdown

From the French Yellow Vest uprising to a unique US border photo to a brilliant version of the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer Showdown, watch our latest webcast on key pictures of the week.

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