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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo February 23, 2019

Vietnam to South Lawn, Vatican to Award Season: Our Social Week

Our feeds this week dialed in to Michael Shaw’s New York Times Magazine investigative article about an iconic Vietnam War photograph.

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Philip Perdue Photo February 18, 2019

Just Don’t Call it Socialism

Williamson's photo of Americans outside a free health clinic brings the discussion of "socialism," and/or a more humane social policy into greater focus.

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Immigration Photo February 16, 2019

Mexican American, American Mexican

The photo helps us visualize "remigration,” the controversial practice that sends thousands of American schoolchildren on a permanent semester abroad.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo February 8, 2019

All in the Hands: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

From Silicon Valley to the Whitaker hearing, from daily life in the West Bank to the State of the Union, the visuals this week were all about the hands.

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Chatting the Pictures Video February 7, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Pelosi’s Trump Clap; Double Border Fences; Male Super Bowl Cheerleaders

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at Nancy Pelosi clapping Trump, a chilling border wall photo, and male Super Bowl cheerleaders.

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Immigration Photo

Why Wall Breaching Photos Don’t Capture the Border Crossing Story

These photos remind us that immigrants are not an organized caravan or an impending wave of bodies. They are mostly alone, navigating one step at a time.

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Chatting the Pictures Video February 3, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Roger Stone; Ocasio-Cortez; Polar Vortex

This week, Chatting the Pictures looks at a Roger Stone indictment pic, an entertaining look at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, and a deep freeze photo from Chicago.

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