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Video March 30, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: El Paso Refugee Camp, Awkward Mueller, Netanyahu Morphing

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at a migrant detention camp in El Paso, Robert Mueller in front of the White House, and Netanyahu mutating.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 29, 2019

Mulling on Mueller, Mo’ Beto, and So Much Posterizing: Our Social Week

This week, our social feeds focused on post-Mueller anxiety, more personality politics, and images legitimizing and delegitimizing.

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Politics Photo March 27, 2019

Trump and Reporters on the South Lawn: Getting Stranger by the Day

The reason I’m writing this is because the photos of Trump and reporters on the South Lawn have become flat out bizarre lately.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo March 22, 2019

Compassionate Christchurch, Youthful Sincerity of the Climate Strike: Our Social Week

Christchurch and the resolve in mourning. Young eco activists speaking with their feet, and their posters. That was our visual focus this week.

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Video March 21, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: New Zealand PM Gives Comfort; Young Climate Activist; Nebraska Bomb Cyclone

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at a viral photo of the New Zealand Prime Minister, a young climate activist, and an indefensible Midwest flood photo.

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Disaster Focus Photo March 20, 2019

The Grieving Woman at the Ethiopian Airlines Crash Site, and the Western Gaze

The expression of grief is so intense, I cannot forget it. At the same, however, I feel challenged looking at the photo as a westerner.

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Video March 14, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: College Entrance Scandal; Venezuela Black Out; Beto Leibovitz 2020

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at the college entrance scandal; the Venezuelan blackout; and Vanity Fair’s Beto 2020 announcement cover by Annie Leibovitz.

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Philip Perdue Photo March 13, 2019

S/He Wore A Pearl Necklace

The necklace stunt reminds us that guns, masculinity, and domination hang together as part of a hard right political style.

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International Focus Photo March 12, 2019

Kill Them with Kindness: Leading up to the Lie Maduro Burned US Aid Trucks

The lie has been disproven. But what is missing from the bridge story is the role the US and USAID played in stoking this incident in the first place.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 8, 2019

Diatribe of the Accused, Silence for the Abused: Our Social Week

A viral picture of singer R. Kelly gesticulating during an interview with CBS’s Gayle King is one of those sensational internet nuggets that feels tailor made for the cultural moment. Loaded with subtexts of gender, race, and media representation, it took less than a day for the photo to...

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Video March 7, 2019

Chatting Pictures of the Year Winners: Border Wall; Sutherland Springs Shooting; Arctic Cold War

On the latest Chatting the Pictures, Michael and Cara look at three winners from the University of Missouri's Pictures of the Year, International, photojournalism awards.

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Video March 2, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Trump Kim Long Faces; Cohen’s Big Check; Billy Porter’s Oscar Stunner

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at the sad Trump-Kim summit, Michael Cohen’s Trump check, and Billy Porter’s Oscar gown.

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Figures Larger than Life: Our Social Week

Trump, Kim, Cohen. It’s been a great week for pictures that bring us close to the larger than life protagonists on the political stage.

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