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Immigration/Migration Photo June 27, 2019

Trump’s Napalm Girl: Consequences of a Drowned Migrant Father and Daughter

The significance of the drowning photograph: America at a tipping point. What it says about Trump. When a photo like this should be seen.

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Activism & Protest Video June 24, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Hong Kong Democracy Protests

This week, our webcast looks at key photos from the massive democracy protests in Hong Kong.

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Gender & Identity Photo June 19, 2019

Amish and Mennonite Photo Coverage in Face of Sexual Abuse, #MeToo

Because posing for a photo can be interpreted as a form of pride, scenes of the accused often resemble paparazzi shots or perp walks.

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Immigration Photo June 11, 2019

Mexican Forces Give Their All for the Cameras to Placate Trump

With Trump on their backs over immigration deal, Mexico put the "show" in "show of force" at its southern border.

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Chatting the Pictures Video June 8, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Graphic VA Beach Photo; Javanka at Buckingham Palace; Tank Man 30 Years On

This week on Chatting the Pictures, we discuss a graphic image from the Virginia Beach mass shooting, Jared and Ivanka at Buckingham Palace, and a photo from the 30th Tiananmen Square anniversary.

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