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Eco Watch Photo October 29, 2019

Climate Crisis: Are the Animals Mad at Us?

Between the heat and the photography, it’s hard not to process this as a portrait of six scorched and very pissed off water buffalo.

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Daniel DeVinney Photo October 28, 2019

The Visual Politics of AOC’s Green New Deal Posters

Mindful of the political environment, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal posters are fortified as much to counter anxiety as to elicit optimism.

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President Obama Photo October 27, 2019

The Trump Vs. Obama Situation Room Photos

As soon as the White House announced the death of Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Trump and Obama Situation Room photos became historical twins.

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Video October 19, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Trump Pelosi Syria Blow Up; Giuliani the Wise Guy; Turkey Invades

This week, we look at the viral White House Trump/Pelosi face-off, an impeachment-inspired Guiliani screenshot, and a photo from Turkey's Syria invasion.

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Eco Watch Photo

Creature from the Fossil Fuel Lagoon

Chavez's photo draws on fantasy and imagination and then combines those qualities with "human industry," in both senses of the term.

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International Focus Photo October 8, 2019

The Larger Reason China Wants to Strip Hong Kong Protesters of their Masks

By banning Hong Kong protesters from wearing face masks, China is also hoping to undermine the visual and the moral power of these disguises.

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Eco Watch Photo October 7, 2019

Apocalypse (Then and) Now: Climate Crisis Channels the Bomb

On one level, the poster is just another creative climate change warning. On another, though, it’s a memory jolt to the boomers.

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International Focus Photo October 2, 2019

Apartheid’s Legacy From Here: The Photo That Struck Me Most At Photoville

I'm sure this scene is more nuanced in South Africa. But to see a photo in America of black kids eyeballing a white kid is exceedingly rare.

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