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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo November 25, 2019

Trump’s Thanksgiving Wingman: Pence in Iraq

Pence can be counted on to deliver a steady diet of visual comfort food, indulging those who hunger for a return to the political style of Ronald and Nancy.

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International Focus Photo November 23, 2019

Turkey’s Syria Invasion and Visual Media Bias

Media bias usually has to do with what's in the frame--not whether there is one. Turkey's Syria invasion is an example of bias for only showing one side.

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Chatting the Pictures Video November 14, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Impeachment Special

This week, we discuss four great impeachment photos. They cover Trump and Zelensky, the Democrats and the media spectacle, the witnesses, and the evidence.

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Leslie A. Hahner Photo November 6, 2019

Memes Against Impeachment: Trump’s Shitposted Truth

With impeachment coming, far-right meme-makers and propagandists are helping to prop Trump up. We analyze PowerTie’s POTUS-retweeted line drawing animation.

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Chatting the Pictures Video November 2, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Wildfire Wedding, Impeachment’s Woman in Blue, Trump’s Raid Dog Retweet

This week, we look at a viral wedding portrait from a California firestorm, a divine impeachment photo, and a Trump retweet of the ISIS raid dog

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