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Notes Photo July 10, 2014

David Schalliol from Chicago: On the South Side, as in Detroit, Rumblings of Something Different

I continue to seek the right balance between the challenges that plague the community and the life that goes on in response to – or in spite of – them. After all, it is difficult to make sense of what we observe without falling back on our preconceived...

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Notes Photo February 13, 2014

David Schalliol from Chicago: After the Projects, New (Physical and Emotional) Landscapes

The work is different now: it’s less a need to understand life in a place than to understand how life changes when one leaves a place with so many attachments.

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Notes Photo November 7, 2013

David Schalliol from Chicago: How Do You Photograph the Emergence of Nothing?

How strange it is to live in a new place without even moving.

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Notes Photo July 24, 2013

David Schalliol from Chicago: From a Focus on Buildings and Landscape, Photographing People

Now that I am engaged in a project about a specific neighborhood, documenting the demolition of a corner of Englewood to accommodate the major expansion of that freight yard, my photographic relationship to people is changing.

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Notes Photo May 27, 2013

David Schalliol from Chicago: How a 400 Family Neighborhood Became Urban Prairie

Of course, expanding a freight yard in the middle of the country’s third largest city isn’t simply a matter of construction.

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