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Activism & Protest Photo June 29, 2020

Telling Image of Race at DC Emancipation Statue

It's an especially symbolic photo as America reckons with the legacy of Black slavery. Studying Evelyn Hockstein's photo, the question is where to begin?

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Activism & Protest Photo June 25, 2020

Refacing the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond

As it awaits its fate, the Robert E. Lee monument has become nothing short of an artistic magnet—literally a canvas to change.

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Protest Focus Photo June 17, 2020

Tabloids Get Black Man’s “Heroic” Rescue of White Hooligan Exactly Backwards

Take away the celebration and what we have is a visual testament to the way black people have historically been weighed down and burdened by the white man. 

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Coronavirus Photo June 9, 2020

As Militarism Runs Rampant, Even the Virus Falls Victim

The display of military force has been so furious, it has even made Covid and the valorizing of medical workers disappear.

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Activism & Protest Photo June 3, 2020

Documenting a Protest Has Never Been More Challenging

This week has been unusually difficult for photographers who are trying to cover the George Floyd protests. Essay and images by photographer Alan Chin.

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