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Activism & Protest Photo September 25, 2023

Nolan Trowe’s Wheelchair Perspective Highlights Disability Activism

Wendy Kozol looks at how Nolan Trowe's images from a wheelchair provide a unique vantage of disabled activists in the halls of Congress.

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Environment Photo September 11, 2023

Climate Activism’s Death Valley Daze

Climate activists have been otracized and left morally burdened by the lack of mass, top down acknowledgement of global heating.

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Politics Photo September 5, 2023

Disrupting Trump’s Mug Shot and His “Singular Genius”

The treatment of Trump's mug shot is vital to consider, given the potential of the George conspiracy case to reshape his public identity.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo August 14, 2023

Barbiecore is Litmus Test in Post-Roe America

Barbie has become the summer's leading political symbol. Leslie Hahner on that astronaut portrait and Barbie’s projection in political space.

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Media & Culture Photo June 21, 2022

David Hume Kennerly: Because He Was There

This photo of David Hume Kennerly, taken in Vietnam, makes a basic yet essential point about media integrity and the reportage from Ukraine.

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