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Uncategorized Photo July 31, 2005

Your Turn

One of my biggest dilemmas as a blogger has been taking time off.  As a shrink, you’re almost expected to disappear for up to a couple weeks in August.  If you don’t, some people even wonder what’s wrong with you. On the other hand, I can’t stand the idea...

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Faith Focus Photo

Stemless Faith

I can never tell in these instances if the press is too intimidated by the right wing to challenge their story line, or they just aren’t thinking hard enough. Yesterday, the NYT provided a completely free launch to the Frist for President campaign.  (And who said there’s no such...

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Disaster Focus Photo July 28, 2005

Cheese and Pancakes

Just what do these incendiary photos have to do with strawberries and whipped cream? I wanted to share some of the images released late Wednesday (apparently to the dismay of London police) of the unexploded bombs recovered from the July 7th suicide bombers. These images are groundbreaking because their...

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Since 9/11, of course, the flag has served as the official wrapping paper of America’s response and resolve, and well as the symbol by which to verify and affirmation one’s patriotism. However, as the problems we face (or the problems arising from the supposedly simple and straight-forward solutions to...

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Disaster Focus Photo July 26, 2005

Right Wing Debris

Except for mere sensationalism, why would Drudge run this image and headline at the same time the White House was bending over backward to show Laura and Jeb basking in a successful shuttle launch, and Dubya literally drooling over it back at the White House? I’ve got a few...

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Osama Jumps The Turnstile

  Once again, fear and loss spells more media bank. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Osama bin Ladin’s mug.  Just give us two subway bombings in two weeks, however, and suddenly — despite a middle to high grade case of trauma still hovering over London — there...

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Photo July 24, 2005

Roberts' Rules of Order

Let me state up front, I’m just reading tea leaves. That said, I think the chances are good that John Roberts will take over Sandra Day O’Conner’s role as the mediator between the Supreme Court’s more liberal and conservative members.  To put it another way, I don’t think Roberts...

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Faith Focus Photo July 23, 2005

Separation of Church and Church and Church and State

Has religion taken a chain saw to the vision of America? In reading about NYT law professor Noah Feldman’s new book "Divided by God: America’s Church-State Problem — and What We Should Do About It," I’m not that sure how well the cover represents the contents.  Still, I couldn’t...

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New You

When a city is being terrorized and suspected bombers are at large, the last thing anybody needs is a semiotic analysis of a sweatshirt.  I’m sure to a Londoner, just the thought could be perceived as insensitive. Still, if you believe as strongly as I do in the power...

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Disaster Focus Photo July 22, 2005

The Worst Day

At first, I couldn’t decide who had the worst day yesterday.  Was it London’s “first responders” having to contend with the less lethal, but still terrifying and possibly more troubling replay of London’s 7/7 bombings?  Was it anyone in London who is a member of the Islamic faith?  Was...

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Media Focus Photo July 20, 2005

Civility — Or Else!

I was listening to George Lakoff on the radio this morning talking about the right wing exploitation of language.  Frankly, I was shocked how circumlocutious he was.  I thought, if Lakoff himself can’t put his arguments in a crisp package, we are in trouble. Which brings me to my...

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Spin Focus Photo

First Impressions

According to the most recent NYT Magazine cover story, the Democrats have improved their ability to frame language to shape the political debate. What I can’t understand, however, is why the “framing war” seems to be confined to words.  What about pictures?  In introducing Bush’s first Supreme Court nominee,...

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Alan Chin Photo July 19, 2005

Drummed Out

Although this music store in Basra was there as of two weeks weeks ago, it’s possible it no longer exists.  If you’ve been following the BAG, you know we’ve had the good fortune to have images, correspondence and also discussion participation from Alan Chin.  Alan is a prominent photojournalist...

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Media Focus Photo July 17, 2005

A Little Less Evident

After a week’s worth of Rove images — mostly as a result of Rove having thrust himself into the media eye — we now have this.  If there was any doubt before, the point Karl obviously wants to make is that he can stand up to (or out-gaze) anybody. ...

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Heart of Stone

If it’s last show didn’t create enough controversy, the insidious but generically named "Family Research Council" is now preparing another mediathon.  From the BAG’s perspective, it is interesting to tease apart the organization’s visual propaganda.  Although this poster doesn’t trouble me as much as the last (Spoil the Rod...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 16, 2005

Dead Batteries

One of the BAG’s co-analysts, Eric, alerted me to this.  It’s a scrolling banner ad running in a loop with a series of other ads on Al Jazerra.  The four screen shots above allow you to imagine it as it pans down the window — from top to bottom. ...

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International Focus Photo July 14, 2005

Hate Head

I was out for dinner this evening with a few friends and I brought a copy of this image along.  As it turned out, a lively debate ensued.  One camp felt that this was an image of the suicide bomber.  The other camp was just as sure that it...

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