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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 12, 2006

The Last (Taxpayer-Sponsored) Hurrah

When a cabinet secretary dashes off to the scene of his biggest crime and bills it as a farewell tour, the visual pickings can be pretty slim.

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Media Focus Photo December 11, 2006

Picturing The Blow Back

With the red party disemboweling itself over Iraq, this weekend's newswire seemed to mirror the blow back ignited by GOP hawks over to the Iraq Study Group report.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 10, 2006

December View: Following The Salute

Given that Nelson's work earned an honorable mention and Heisler's won a first prize, were Heisler's pictures simply more powerful?  And if so (and the difference is not just culturally subjective), how does one reconcile the culture gap and disparity in access when it comes to the creation of...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 9, 2006

December View: "Final Salute" hearse >Todd Heisler, USA, Rocky Mountain News/Polaris Images.  Since the start of the Iraq War, Marines based at Buckley Air Force base in Colorado, USA, have honored the memory of 16 fallen comrades, and had the difficult duty of helping the families to bear their loss.  Second Lieutenant...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 8, 2006

Just When Things Were Going So Well

(Economist Cover Vs. BAG Revision -- Click for full size) The new Economist couldn't be clearer in its response to the Iraq Study Group....  The graphic symbolism, however, is incredibly disingenuous, offering the perception that America has been moving forward and up in Iraq, and that a correction (of...

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Bush Focus Photo December 7, 2006

Official Response

So the presentation of the Iraq Study Group Report happened, and given the tone of this WAPO news analysis, the situation is as grim as this accompanying image.

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Spin Focus Photo December 6, 2006

Breaking Through The Lines

Bush's new man at the Defense Department serves as the object of boundary-free circumspection by a restive public and a less seduced and submissive media.

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Uncategorized Photo December 5, 2006

Rumsfeld's Memo: The Larger Picture

Almost as revealing -- which the photo editors must have picked up on in choosing this spot-on file photo to accompany the LA Times story -- is what Rumsfeld and this Administration are good at instead.

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Photo December 4, 2006

Having A Senator's Head

I thought the media was done fronting for Bush, but apparently not.  If you missed the story, the President asked Senator-elect Webb the other day how his son, a serviceman in Iraq, was faring.  Look how The Times visually pushed its point.

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Photo December 2, 2006

Modern Evolution

At the end of the summer, a story that ran prominently for weeks here in Spain was the backlash against underweight fashion models.  Prior to Madrid's fashion week, the Spanish Association of Fashion Designers, in concert with the local government in the capital, instituted a minimum weight standard based...

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Bush Focus Photo December 1, 2006

Misseltoe Strikes And Downing Trees

If more subtle in these matters, the visual media has its own way of demurring.  After Mrs. Bush presented the official White House Christmas tree to the press in the Blue Room...

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