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Media Focus Photo March 31, 2009

Huge Opposition

Any thoughts on Newsweek's take on Krugman -- Obama's loyal opposition?

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Aye Eye

I'm wondering if an event like the summit also provides a "window of opportunity" to further condition the public to the visual surveillance of everyday life.

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Higher Authority

I'm wondering what it says about the Administration's mindset to conclude the WH blog post on the announcement with the saintly photo above?

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The Great Recession Photo March 30, 2009

And That’s GM Out Back

  The sense that GM headquarters is potentially destined to end up like this old industrial building is quite disconcerting.

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Road Kill


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Culture Focus Photo March 29, 2009


I’m quite taken with this photo-montage illustrating Matt Bai’s NYT Mag piece about the Detroit situation. Bai’s suggests that, since America is romantically and and almost genetically connected to the auto industry, probably the most contemporary and American thing that could happen at this point is to admit failure...

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Bankers On Parade

I'm thrilled how Obama corralled those bank CEOs on Friday for a selflessness workshop, then kicked them loose out on the driveway to face a hungry media.

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President Obama Photo March 28, 2009


I 'm sorry to see Obama's affinity for Lincoln co-opted to serve a military photo-op.

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Business Focus Photo March 27, 2009

Pandit At The Gates

This is classic. It's an image of Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit leaving -- or, at least attempting to leave -- the White House this morning.

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Pictures Of The Week

If you'd like to hear my "Pictures of the Week" segment on BlogTalk radio with Susan Smith and Alison Morano, you can hear it streaming below.

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One Day’s Mad Is The Next Day’s Madcap

At the end of another long and all-too-serious week, I thought I'd offer up something a little offbeat.   

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Media Focus Photo March 26, 2009

Your Turn: Open For Questions

Certainly, I appreciate Reuters photographer Larry Downing's photo of Obama live and on-line "Open for Questions" town hall taken through a TV camera viewfinder.

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Hard To Shed Visions Of Two Americas comments that storage and tool sheds seem to be mostly relegated to Fisher Price themed plastic housing or barnyard chic. (Not sure about "chic," but the Fresno storage sheds housing Fresno's tent city overflow do go the "barnyard" route.)

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President Obama Photo March 25, 2009

Prompter Madness

So, can anyone tell me why these Obama teleprompter photos are supposedly indictable?

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Don't Mess With An Ocean Liner

Look, if this was easy , then, you know, we would have already done it , and the budget would have been voted on, and everybody could ( go home.   Right after this came the sharpest exchange with Henry's follow up: QUESTION: But on AIG, why did you wait...

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The Great Recession Photo March 24, 2009

The Comeback Brand

BAGnewsNotes readers weigh in on the Obama Administration's recovery logo.

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AIG Home Tour In Perspective

Mary Huguley (legs) stands as she tries to deliver a letter to a home belonging to Douglas Poling, one of numerous executives who were recipients of a bonus from American International Group Inc.   

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Robert Hariman Photo March 23, 2009

Traces of Everyday Life on Desolation Row

These photographs were placed on a Facebook page to provide continued documentation of the closing of the Rocky Mountain News. In the days of The Organization Man, the office was thought to be the source of Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row. When you look at the shabby, barren, modernist decor,...

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