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Business Focus Photo April 30, 2009

Rising And Falling With Detroit

This image, marking the Chrysler bankruptcy, does a smart job of symbolizing how much an American president can be bound to an American auto company,

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As the swine flu outbreak deepens, panicked citizens of North America are donning face masks.

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President Obama Photo April 29, 2009

Kander's Obama: The Listener

This photo captures a defining quality of Obama's presidential character -- and does so with a clarity I didn't expect to emerge for sometime.

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Refusing To Move For Darfur

On it's face, it's a laudable expression of conscience we're witnessing here. The photo documents U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the lifelong civil rights activist, and Rep. Jim McGovern being arrested for refusing to move from the entrance of the Sudanese embassy in D.C. on Monday.

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Obama's First (Fore!) Hundred Days

With all the hoopla and all-too-serious contemplation surrounding this early milestone, we thought we'd have some fun instead. ... Remember how Bush gave up golf (and switched to biking) in solidarity with wartime troops? No such posturing now

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Uncategorized Photo April 28, 2009

Peace Train (Revisited)

In light of the news this morning Arlen Specter was ending his ride with the GOP, we're republishing this post which originally appeared here back on March 24th.

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Terror Focus Photo April 27, 2009

Buzzing Manhattan

I don't know what kind of photos the Pentagon was looking for, or what they got, but this image -- taken yesterday by one Jason McLane on his cell phone -- seems to have emerged, as I look around the web, as the signature shot of yesterday's aerial misunderstanding...

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Flu Fear

I was struck by this photo from today's newswire. It shows soldiers and police in Indonesia, dressed in special suits, taking part in a flu prevention drill.

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Our Friend Maliki

If Obama and Maliki offer the picture of balance, it's not hard to imagine Rahm and U.S. Commander General in Iraq Ordieno representing a more unguarded impression of the Iraqi leadership.

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Uncategorized Photo April 26, 2009

Your Turn: Seeing Stars?

Given the profound vacuum otherwise known as the GOP, is Cheney emerging as the voice of right?

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President Obama Photo April 25, 2009

Obama's First 100 Daze

Now, eight months later, the focus is on Obama as the man behind glass, not the object of attention but in fact, the focus of isolation.

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Blue Doorway

Wouldn't it be nice if grassroots activists had access to this level of design?

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Media Focus Photo April 24, 2009

Cheney: Somehow Still Top Drawer

In the photo, you see Cheney -- as a ceremonial last act in office -- leaving his signature on the inside of his White House desk drawer. Has Dick embedded himself so powerfully into the political woodwork that he commands authority and weight in perpetuity?

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Obama Schools The Credit Card Industry

An exclusive BAGnewsNotes slideshow: Obama schools the credit card industry.

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President Obama Photo April 23, 2009

Barack 'N' Tiger

A very curious photo issued by the White House today, Pete Souza teeing up the idea of Barack Obama and Tiger Woods as mirror-images of each other.

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Bush Focus Photo

"Cabinet Room" Revisited

I thought it was worth taking another look at the Leibovitz "Cabinet Room" portrait, which not only shot right after the start of the Afghan invasion but also occurred -- in terms of present context -- four months after the Bybee torture memo was written.  

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The Stretcher

The question I'm interested in is whether this image, taken by the A.P.'s Lynne Sladky in February 2002, and which has become quite familiar and even common over the past seven years as a general reference to Bush's "terror war" and the facility at Gitmo, might have become something...

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Media Focus Photo April 22, 2009

Jane Harman's Stolen Moments

Now the question is, if you were a photo editor on this Jane Harman scandal story, you could resist running this picture?

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