April 6, 2009

Walled Street Protest

Photo Nina Berman, March on Wall Street to fund jobs, not wars.

BNN contributor Nina Berman offers us this view of the Wall Street protest this weekend. (If you missed it, we ran Mario Tama’s take-away on Sunday.)

Noting the relative lack of emotion, enthusiasm, anger, Nina writes:

Most demonstrations are this way now in the US, because of the security barriers in place, and the restrictions on permits. Demonstrating on Wall Street on a day when no one is working, definitely robs the action of any confrontational energy.

The irony here is overwhelming, including the stillness of “the canyon,” the solitary policeman married to the unnecessary double- and even triple-barriers, and the hand-held banners juxtaposed with the fluttering Wall Street health club sign.

(image: ©Nina Berman. New York. April 1, 2009)

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