September 29, 2009

Our Man at the G20 (#2): Radical Split

NEW YORK - AUGUST 06: Fatty Crab Restaurant at 2170 Broadway and 77th St in Manhattan, NY which is home to "Ode to Fatty Crab", an off the menu item. (photo by Jason Andrew)

In response to the sign in the window, though, who was the enemy?

Was it the 50 – 75 (wannabe) anarchists operating in Pittsburgh last week who, having lured twice as many or more college students to join them in various confrontations with the police, succeeded in overshadowing what was otherwise a peaceful cross-section of marchers and demonstrators?

Or, was it the runaway, financially-deregulated corporate state symbolized by the towers looming over the “have nots” — the young, the working poor and the flagging middle class — insulated by and behind the militarized “zero tolerance” police presence?

(image: ©Jason Andrew/BAGnewsNotes. Pittsburgh, PA., September 25, 2009)

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